How wide is wide

I was showing a horsey person some photos of Amber recently, and they said “Oh, she’s not really that wide.” I just laughed and nodded. It’s interesting to me that Amber’s largeness doesn’t really translate to photos most of the time. It did when she was fat, but even now that she’s trimming down, she’s still a very wide beast.

Mare’s got a chest on her

She’s not very tall – 15.2 maybe – but sometimes I compare her to Whisper and I’d swear Amber was the all around bigger horse just because she’s so thick in person. For some reason people also don’t believe that she wears every inch of a 34″ western cinch. And wore a 52″ long girth. That PS of Sweden breastplate on her in the picture above is a full, and most of those buckles are on the loosest or second to loosest hole.

Freight train rollin’ by

While Amber will trim down a bit with work and already has, her width won’t change. She’ll be just as wide then as she is now. I just laugh now whenever someone says she can’t really be that wide. Because she is. But I also laugh when I ride her bareback. It’s legit like riding a barrel. Whisper is narrower, and so much easier to sit! Ah, those wonderful, wide QHs.

What about you guys? Do you find pictures deceiving in regards to size or do horses usually look exactly how they are to you? Was there a horse that you thought was either larger or smaller and were wrong?

4 Comments on “How wide is wide

  1. My 14.1 hh welsh wears a 52″ girth, and an XW tree. People are constantly like “Wow she’s cute”, then they get close up and it changes to “She’s BIG!”


  2. wide wide wide…everyone laughs at my trailer which is warmblood size. Extra tall extra wide. BUT the extra wide comes in handy for the wide QH does it not?? 🙂 I think she is wider than Remus but he is wide too…..certain angles make him look really wide 😉


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