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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been pretty silent this week, but busy + not much to say = no posts haha. Amber and I continue to chug away at our walking and stretching and she’s looking promising again so I hope our vet appointment can… Continue Reading “Happy Friday!”

The smarts

Amber has them. I love that about her. It makes training her much easier than a few other horses I’ve worked with. Plus, she wants to do things for you, so that makes it even better. But there’s no doubt this girl is smart.… Continue Reading “The smarts”

Friday fun

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all getting in some good horsey hours!

The wind is not welcome

We’ve got a lot of wind in store for the next few days, and it’s not for the best since Amber won’t walk as much if at all so her stifle will be pretty stiff. But that’s what our 2x a day walk is… Continue Reading “The wind is not welcome”

The special one

Amber gave us a good scare Wednesday night and all of yesterday. She was starting to look a little down on Wednesday, but I thought it was probably the nature of how¬†after surgery progresses or whatnot. She’d gone off bute Monday morning, so perhaps… Continue Reading “The special one”

Cheers to the weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend. I am not really doing anything superbowl-ish. I mostly watch for the commercials and root for the underdog, so in this case the Eagles. But hopefully it’ll be horsey-filled! What is… Continue Reading “Cheers to the weekend”

How wide is wide

I was showing a horsey person some photos of Amber recently, and they said “Oh, she’s not really that wide.” I just laughed and nodded. It’s interesting to me that Amber’s largeness doesn’t really translate to photos most of the time. It did when… Continue Reading “How wide is wide”

Randomness and ramblings

Well, yeah cause there’s really nothing going on here. Since the barn is done, we’ve just been doing odds and ends around it. The grader finished the arena. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to ride in it. Our QAA inspector came by… Continue Reading “Randomness and ramblings”