Flying high part 2

Amber didn’t feel sore at all walking around the arena in the morning, so I figured a few times would be just perfect. And it was. She was great! She felt more confident and relaxed this ride, and I loved looking at her little ears prick up every time we’d head to that crossrail.

This was the first attempt of the day: success! I loved how she assessed it and was just spot on. No hopping over it – just nice and fluid and over instead of up.

So I asked her to canter shortly thereafter, and hopped over it a few times. We had a few really good ones, and just a few not so good ones, but mostly the striding wasn’t right so she spliced it. But I was really pleased with her – even if it is super amusing that she realized she didn’t have to work so hard to get over the thing. Even still, I just love how she’s figuring it out and deciding when she thinks she should go for the jump or wait. Pretty clever girl.

This one was my fav of the day

In the video above she felt like she had a good active canter (and yes that’s pretty active for her), and it just really flowed into the jump. It was my favorite of the day. My other favorite was this one, and how well she’s beginning to judge the little crossrail.

She deserves a good walk tomorrow with some light riding, and that’s just what I plan to do. She was just phenomenal this weekend, so I’ll probably do another ride or so with the crossrail at this height and then move on up!

Even though some rides I feel like I can see the distance and count the strides, many times I don’t get it. I’m still super green with it. However, I take that as a bit of a good thing at this super low height – I do want her to figure out how to get her feet out of the way if I make a mistake, and so far, I’ve made plenty of distance mistakes. But with each ride I’ve tried to rate her speed better to be able to see the distance better, and it’s just a work in progress.

So far, I don’t think going a little higher will be too much too soon – she’s really proven how smart she is and how much she wants to do well. And I really think she is having tons of fun with this. I definitely think having these new things to really challenge her is something that she really likes. It’s new, with many new concepts so she’s not completely confident about what to do, but I think she’s very much enjoying the challenge that this presents. The only thing now is to keep her fitness going, and not do too much too soon in terms of fitness. So far, I’m very excited to keep plugging away.

Even though she’s working harder, I think I’m spoiling her a little more. Girl just gets the Queen treatment most days lol.

So far the ice boots are working really well. Her legs stay cold and it goes pretty far above her knees so her knees are getting cold as well. It does work better with gel packs, but I’m undecided whether to bite the bullet and buy them for the boots or make my own. And have them leak. Again. We’ll see how it goes.

6 Comments on “Flying high part 2

  1. Great job both this post and yesterday!! I didnt get a chance to comment yesterday. Wow she is getting it. SO you would love this the show i was at (Combined Training) has classes with poles flat on ground and also a crosspole class. How cute. And Amber could totally do those. I wish you were closer πŸ™‚ A LOT CLOSER!

    keep up the good work she looks like she is having fun which is half the battle!! YAY


    • Yes I would have loved that! Amber would’ve too. She is getting it! I was all prepared to go super slow so she could understand but mare is getting it faster than me! Lol I wish I lived closer too! We’d have the stout horse club lol. Plus you guys have so many events!

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  2. aw i think she likes this whole thing!!! also yea gel packs always sound so convenient until i remember how cheap, easy and readily available ice is haha


    • I honestly think she does too. I put 4 boots on and her breastplate and she knows the tack difference lol. She’s very meandering when there’s no boots or breastplate πŸ˜‚


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