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Jumping once again

I was really excited to head on out and jump. Amber was decidedly less enthused we realized lol. I think she was just done with the wind. It was still blowing and she just felt a little done with the whole thing. She was… Continue Reading “Jumping once again”

Flying high part 2

Amber didn’t feel sore at all walking around the arena in the morning, so I figured a few times would be just perfect. And it was. She was great! She felt more confident and relaxed this ride, and I loved looking at her little… Continue Reading “Flying high part 2”

Flying high

Although really, not that high. Amber and I did do some jumping Saturday (yay!) and I thought we were fairly good at it for the second time really trying (yay!!). So get ready for lots of GIFs and lots of pictures. Because I love… Continue Reading “Flying high”

Introducing jumps

So I want to start off with a muck rake advertisement: it’s not just for mucking. Amber nickers at me now when I’m finishing up mucking poop because she desperately wants her scratches. You know, because I don’t ever curry her any other day… Continue Reading “Introducing jumps”