Let the anticipation begin

So, uh. I did a thing, guys. I signed up for the September show. But, that’s not the crazy thing. I signed up for not one, but TWO dressage tests. Uhh…..what now?

Oh god no why – Amber probably

Both are the Intro tests so walk/trot, but one is actual dressage and the other is western dressage. The western dressage is part of a performance buckle I’m aiming towards after 3 shows of points, and this September show has a USEF carded judge. So, uh, why the hell not?

Sure, we’ve never had formal lessons yet, but I figure why not just go for it? It is only walk/trot, so not a lot of pressure, and it’s a small local show with maybe 2-3 people showing dressage so not a lot of pressure, so hey, let’s go for it.

The show is in a little over 2 weeks, and I’m mixing those two classes with some HUS flat classes and reining/ranch riding and horsemanship patterns. It’s a total of 4 classes Saturday, and 4 classes Sunday. It should be pretty simple.

Except, ahh….our tack is a bit mismatched right now? I have a white pad with blue piping… I hope that won’t be bad. And I do have white breeches and a good looking short sleeve show shirt and can use my hunter jacket….

You know what? I didn’t really think this through. Yay me. But, after this show, though I probably won’t do a dressage test again until after some lessons and I’m at an actual dressage show. Since I’m having so much fun jumping and progressing with her, after this show I might even decide to forego the western day and have fun english. Or show Whisper western day. THAT would be fun.

I think this is Amber’s version of “look of eagles” lol but really it’s more her omgwhat’sthat face lol

Either way, I’m pretty excited about the show. I will probably be grossly unprepared for dressage and western, but hey, let’s throw myself out there because shows always help to teach you where you have some holes. Let’s get to it!

8 Comments on “Let the anticipation begin

  1. That sounds like a great show and a great way to dip your toe in the water so to speak! I hope you have someone with you to get lots of media. It sounds fun fun fun!! Good luck.

    You will be fine. As long as your neatly dressed it wont matter. (We have the western dressage up here too and it is very popular!)! I cant wait to read all about it too…


    • Thanks! If my mom accompanies me I’ll convince her to nab some pics or video lol. Okay well that makes me feel better about the dress. I didn’t even really think about it when I signed up lol. Well thanks! I’ll try to do the recap justice!

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  2. sounds like a perfect opportunity!!! i definitely say go for it – all that experience and exposure is totally worth it, esp if it ends up being super fun!


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