The pre-show post

So guys, sorry I won’t be recapping the show quite yet but I have to get all my media sorted. If you guys were following me on Instagram though, you’ll know we did really well! I am so pleased with my pony! We placed in every class we entered, and she was such a trier for everything. Even though I was really messed up on timing half of the time and got on her and was only able to “warm up” sometimes for a grand total of 5 minutes.

It’s okay, ma. I got dis

Since I already had media from Friday sorted I’ll start with that. She was feeling really good, and doing very well riding English. She felt uphill and moving through her shoulders, and pretty easy in her canter. Once we put in a good ride, I gave her a thorough bath and kept packing up the trailer.

Thankfully, I didn’t see any weirdness like Thursday, so I figured we’d stay entered in all of our classes for the weekend, and see how it went. It was suddenly chilly on Friday – getting down into the 50s when it hasn’t been that cold for a while – so I stuck on her sheet.

Her cute cottonΒ sheet, that she has since ripped in true Amber fashion.

Thank goodness that one was the bad one.

Thursday, my back-ordered Mountain Horse Sovereign boots came in the mail, just in time for the show!

So gorgeous ❀

I walked around the house a lot in them on Thursday and Friday. I didn’t want to say anything on them yet until I was sure they were the right size, but they fit beautifully, and there was almost no leg, ankle or foot pinching!

By Friday evening, I felt good about the show the next day, felt that while we were better prepared for English than Western at this point, we’d take it as it came and I’d ride the horse I had on the day.Β On that note, I will leave you guys with these few pictures I’ve gone through.

Pretty girl!

I think we looked pretty cute for dressage!

Srsly, what is her deal with 3rd place ribbons?! She absolutely obliterated this one lol
I know nothing…..

8 Comments on “The pre-show post

  1. I kind of giggled seeing the destroyed 3rd place ribbon – Amber had high expectations for herself haha.

    Also LOVE your new boots!


    • I always laugh when she does this and think the same thing! She expected better of herself πŸ˜‚. It’s just too funny lol I like stick the ribbons in her face to see what she’ll do and legit the yellow is the only one she ever tries to eat πŸ˜‚ this one was minding its own business on the side of the trailer when she mauled it πŸ˜‚ And thanks! I love them too 😍


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