Ye olde Friday

This week has been…..definitely the weirdest in a while. Remember when I said I had a great week at work but horrible riding? And then I’ve had awesome riding weeks and work was the absolute opposite? This week was like…..a jumble of that.

Horrible day at work: no ride. Better day at work: pretty good ride. Feeling horrible at work and it was whirlwind: great ride. Horrible day at work (because somehow I lost my brain and forgot some important things): Amber has a mild colic episode. I don’t even want to know what’s going to happen today.

Shenanigans be happenin ma

Yesterday was a no-ride because of sustained 20+ mph winds and gusts of up to 50 mph. And Amber had a mild colic episode. Like tucked her butt weird, pooped, and immediately laid down and sprawled. Slightly elevated breathing. Wouldn’t touch her water or food. If nothing else, that last one was the real trigger. That horse ALWAYS wants food.


Thankfully, she stood up very easily, no other typical signs of colic that you’d see. She wasn’t drawn up in her flanks, her nostrils weren’t distended and she was still alert – it was just clear she was uncomfortable. A whole tube of Immediate Response later (she was definitely pouting after that) and within a half hour she started to look a little better. She was eating and drank a little, and thankfully by dinner time, she looked much more like herself and nickered for food.

Way to give me a heart attack, horse.

I aim to please ma

I am not sure what triggered it with her, but it’s been a weird week so maybe she was affected by the wind and the sudden drop in temperature?

My mom let me know this morning that when she walked out to feed breakfast that Amber proceeded to jump and buck and play. No doubt because the weather got into the mid 50s overnight. So, I had considered scratching a few of the show classes, but looks like she’s feeling good! Bullet dodged there. Now we just need to put on last good ride in, pack the rest of my stuff, and we’re ready for the weekend! I just hope there won’t be a lot of this tomorrow:

4 Comments on “Ye olde Friday

  1. weather changes are the pits always cause some issues. So excited it is show time for you!! And glad Amber bounced back (Literally, love her bucking girl has some hops) HA! have a blast and enjoy!


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