Changing it up

Guess who got her teeth done?

Yup. This girl

So I couldn’t ride her Tuesday, and since they advise not to ride with a bit for a few days, we improvised.

Is she looking any thinner yet?!

Always keepin it classy we are. We had a fun day. Simple. No spurs. No bit. And she was great. Not quite on par with our last ride to the left, but her right lead was good. Uber downhill, but hey, she was steady, steered great, and felt good. I had nothing to really enforce anything and it was just supposed to be a fun ride anyway.

And it was a fun 45 minute ride.

Nope, not fun ma

She was really great on everything, nice and easy with me having to fix a few things. But it was good to finally get back on my little pony.

I really don’t want to leave this area of napping, ma

I’ve usually never had to do anything with her feet, they’ve always been really strong, but I think the sand and this area have been making her feet really dry. I think they’ve been cracking, so hopefully a bunch of Rainmaker will help!

But, come along guys, and take a spin with me and Amber! The first one is her right spin, not as fast since that’s her not-so-good side, and the left is coming back fantastically. Have fun! (Hopefully it doesn’t make you dizzy!)

6 Comments on “Changing it up

  1. Oooh I love those videos!!! So cool, I’ve never done like any of the reining moves but they all look awesome!


  2. i rode some reiners once in a while in TX. SO COOL love the video version but it made me slightly dizzy….:) Poor Amber being abused for her teeth. 🙂


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