The weekend usual

Thankfully, I have today off. You know what that means? On our switch to English, we’re going to go…..JUMPING!!! (said like in White Chicks lol)

I, however, have yet to even ride today. I know. What’s wrong with me. But it’s kind of cold, and it was super windy last night and Amber is so exhausted that now she is snoozing in the sun. I’m gonna let her sleep lol.

So, we’re on to the weekend recap! There’s not too much to tell actually since I didn’t get to ride her Thursday or Friday. Saturday we continued with our plans for when we ride – focusing on her canter and she’s really coming along. She got touchy about her transitions, but she was really really good in her canter.

She’s getting a lot more confident in her left lead. I think with her leg getting stronger she’s finding it easier to center her shoulders. As I’ve been asking her to come off of that left rein to the right, it feels like her shoulder is falling a bit but I’m actually not very worried. It could even be that her ‘falling’ to the right is technically even because perhaps she’s been uneven for long enough that it feels even to me lol.

Sunday we played around with the patterns, and this show there’s a lot of switching leads. I’ve never pressed her for those, but it’s been on my mind as something to work towards.

So I played around with them, to her good side first, and she got really worried and really fast, but after a few times slowing her down, and going two handed, she really started to get it. Her left to right was harder, but I didn’t make it a big deal, and she was just fantastic. I could feel her get herself up, and was worried that she was going to get fast again, but she switched her leads and then stuck her head down and loped so quietly after that I was just tickled pink with her. She even got the lead changes from left to right twice!

I couldn’t have been more proud of her. To let her know it was good, we walked out of the arena and walked around outside the arena for a bit before calling it quits.

I’m still not sure if I’ll incorporate the lead changes for the show. It’s a budding concept for her – at least the fact that I’m actually asking for it – so I’ll probably go conservative for the show this weekend and perhaps only try the lead changes for the reining and do simple changes for the other patterns. We’ll see how it goes today. My mom’s going to take photos and videos for me, so I’ll have media for tomorrow!

2 Comments on “The weekend usual

  1. it’s so exciting when they start figuring out things like that!! i’m like… the least coordinated person ever when it comes to changes so unless the horse is volunteering them or we get the timing like… perfect …. i just do simple changes. luckily it hasn’t actually mattered for any of our judged classes yet (tho it will if i ever take charlie to play in the hunter ring…)


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