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Changing it up

Guess who got her teeth done? So I couldn’t ride her Tuesday, and since they advise not to ride with a bit for a few days, we improvised. Always keepin it classy we are. We had a fun day. Simple. No spurs. No bit.… Continue Reading “Changing it up”

Back to western

Our last two rides have been western fun and games. Oddly enough, though, after I put 2 boots on her and then her western saddle, she seemed to look back at me like “oh so we’re NOT doing fun things today? Greeeeaaaaatttt.” But, she… Continue Reading “Back to western”

Amber land

Not too much happening here in Amber Land. I also didn’t get many pictures of this weekend, so yeah sorry about that. I kept the western tack on for the weekend, thinking it would help reset her mind, and it did indeed help. She definitely knows… Continue Reading “Amber land”

Developing the little muscles and memory

Yesterday morning we rode western again. I’m a little protective of her at the moment because looking at the way she landed after that little mishap looks like she may have strained the front tendon on her left front. Of course, this is me… Continue Reading “Developing the little muscles and memory”

Sunset rides

Since most of my work days start at 6 am, I usually have to wait until the evening to ride. But as the sun is hitting it’s weakest around 6:30-ish pm, it’s getting to be the perfect time to ride. Amber looked better yesterday.… Continue Reading “Sunset rides”