Weekend part 1: Ren Fair

Friday I got home from work, talked to my mom, and decided to scratch the show for Saturday. She told me that Amber was super reactive in her back and hips, and when I went out to feel how she was I could see the same thing. Plus, with my sister here, and not taking a day off of work, I’d had very limited time with her and Kayley up to that point, and I just decided to scratch. It allowed me another day to really focus on getting Amber stretched out as well as spend some time with my sis and my niece.

So, after Amber got a good massage, we got dressed and headed to the fair! I’ve never been to one before, and neither had most of my family, but my oldest sister is an amazing seamstress and had sewn a costume for herself and Kayley to match. Apparently, the one here in town was pretty extensive. There were first the shops and everything to browse through, and they had some pretty amazing things like a pressed paper, leather-bound notebook (which I almost bought but know I won’t ever use) and some good, super sharp Game of Thrones looking knives.

Kayley very much enjoyed browsing around and looking at everything.

Just about as many people that were dressed up were also in regular clothes, so a good mix of half and half. Many of the people were dressed in the more revealing costumes I suppose you could call it, but my absolute favorites were the people dressed traditionally in those time periods.

Like these great pirates
And these lovely ladies from the Elizabethan era

It was also really cool to see that with all the tents around, that was where most of these vendors slept – and even had their laundry out! Whether it was for show or they really did their laundry, I still thought it was a good touch.

Yes, I got a picture of the laundry lol

They had jousting and knights fighting, and other knights dressed in great armor with fake blood walking around… It was really a lot of fun. They had sections where the people walked around and didn’t interact with the crowd too much but (I forget what it’s called) were there to show the day-to-day life of the people of that era. They had what looked to be soldiers’ tents with a long banquet table, and some areas of gypsies with a real Gypsy Vanner horse – complete with mustache (can you believe that I DIDN’T get a picture of the horse?!).

There was an enchanted forest with faeries and mermaids. There was one very very nice lady dressed as a mermaid that was so sweet to entertain Kayley’s desire to come give her a hug and sit on her lap for a bit. It was very sweet.

And a mermaid in a tank!

My favorite part were the singers that sang little ditties for the crowd. It was pretty damn hilarious, and I’m glad I got video instead of just stills!Β Also the people were so nice. Most of the stuff that we were able to do was free, and at most other places it would have cost for you to do that.

All in all, though, it was a blast.

Saturday saw Amber and I doing a quick ride which did seem to ease her muscles a bit when I massaged and stretched her before and after. After she was all clean I decided to have some fun since I had the time to braid her mane as I’d seen in one picture before.

I have to admit, it turned out well. After packing everything in the trailer, we were all ready to go to the show bright and early!

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