NaBloPoMo: Days 12 & 13

Your fav horse color and a video of you and your horse riding.

So in a previous post I had talked about plain versus flashy horses, and while I’m currently in love with sorrels due to Amber, my all-time favorite horse color is buckskin. Sooty, dappled buckskin to be exact. Like this horse here.

Just….wow. I really love the contrast of color. I’m pretty artistic and arts and crafts creative, and I love how the black and gold and sooty brown all play together. For me, color is huge. It’s not too important to many people, I know, but I just love richness of color. Plus, buckskins can pretty much wear every single color on the rainbow so….free rein to be uber matchy matchy lol.

As for a video of me and my horse riding, I’ll stick with one I’ve shared before but still love because it’s one of my favorite things to do on her – riding bareback. Such a fun mare.

And, for you guys wondering about the show, shenanigans abounded (serious shenanigans; Amber had many opposing opinions to mine on English day), but in the end….

So purty….

We pulled it off!

I also did a thing. Or really bought a thing. It’s coming to me soon. I have wanted one desperately for a while now and the new eventer series snaffle bridle and reins was on a slight sale since it was used in photos….so IT’S MINE. I didn’t really want the laced reins it came with (I’d prefer to try the Kris grip), but I don’t care. I now have an official jump bridle! (Though did I really need one? Not really. Not really)

Photo courtesy Lund Saddlery

6 Comments on “NaBloPoMo: Days 12 & 13

  1. Sooo jealous you get to ride her bareback. I tried with P and…never again. Holy withers, horse! Congrats on the blue! And the new bridle, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eventer line!


    • Amber is actually hard to ride bareback because she’s so bloody wide lol you have nothing to anchor you so you just sliiiiide off 😂 and yes I can’t WAIT until that bridle gets here. SO EXCITED!! Lol


  2. congrats! and the bridle will look amazing on Amber. AND OF COURSE YOU LOVE BUCKSKINS (tho Remus is not as regal or flashy as that one you posted) HA Congrats again! 🙂


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