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Day 30: Your future with horses (and rides!-ish)

Last one everyone! The future with horses. I think it is absolutely safe to say that for as long as I can ride and have some type of money, horses are going to be a part of me. They are just a huge aspect… Continue Reading “Day 30: Your future with horses (and rides!-ish)”

Day 29: a style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you don’t like

This one’s a little difficult for me since I don’t necessarily have a “style” I tend to like – I just like matching things. Other than matching, I like what I like and it goes along with my general style I wear every day.… Continue Reading “Day 29: a style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you don’t like”

Day 28: Helmet or no helmet?

If you’d asked me this even just a year ago, I’d say it depended on what you were doing. Riding an old, safe horse in a schooling ring? Optional. Going out on trail (rocky, long or endurance)? Yes. Jumping or cross country? Absolutely. Dressage?… Continue Reading “Day 28: Helmet or no helmet?”

Weekend Recap and NaBloPoMo

There’s really not too much to recap in horsey terms. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving was good, especially with my little niece. There was great food, good company and we had an all around good time. What was… Continue Reading “Weekend Recap and NaBloPoMo”

NaBloPoMo days 22-25

Day 22 – The importance of riding in your life Riding is definitely the most important thing in my life. I have always felt a lot more at ease with animals than people, but I have always been drawn to horses. The little moments… Continue Reading “NaBloPoMo days 22-25”

NaBloPoMo 18-21 and Lund bridle

Day 18: Your grooming routine I am not the world’s best groomer. I used to be more into grooming, but since Amber stays pretty clean and only likes to be scratched, I’m a little meh on grooming lol. I don’t have any special brushes.… Continue Reading “NaBloPoMo 18-21 and Lund bridle”

The vet verdict and day 17

So first, Day 17: Your equestrian idol I’m not usually a “oh this person is my idol or inspiration” type of person – most professionals I’ve found in every field I see something I like and equally dislike about them. I think sometimes people get into… Continue Reading “The vet verdict and day 17”

NaBloPoMo Days 14-16

Day 14: Your dream barn So I had one that I’d been keeping tabs on for the past year or so, which I knew it wouldn’t be on the market forever and also that I’d never be able to afford it, but it looks… Continue Reading “NaBloPoMo Days 14-16”

NaBloPoMo: Days 12 & 13

Your fav horse color and a video of you and your horse riding. So in a previous post I had talked about plain versus flashy horses, and while I’m currently in love with sorrels due to Amber, my all-time favorite horse color is buckskin.… Continue Reading “NaBloPoMo: Days 12 & 13”

Day 11: Find a horse for sale you’d want

So, obviously I’m not writing this uber early in the morning before the show. But, I really liked this prompt, so I have it posted for Saturday. Tomorrow I will not post, but will hopefully be able to get show media sorted by Monday.… Continue Reading “Day 11: Find a horse for sale you’d want”

Day 10: How your friends/family feel about riding

I’m very lucky that my mom has a horse of her own and is just as horse crazy as myself. After many, many years of jumping and hunters, she’s quieted down and enjoys the slow gaited, slow minded brain of Whisper. It is amusing… Continue Reading “Day 10: How your friends/family feel about riding”

Day 9: injuries that occurred from riding

This one’s going to be a doozy! So remember how I said I didn’t have many falls as a kid and that I got my comeuppance? Here you get to read all about it! Most people I’ve met have had their falls as a… Continue Reading “Day 9: injuries that occurred from riding”

Blog Hop: NaBloPoMo 1-7

So this is supposed to be posting for everyday, but I’m going to slip these in amongst my usual updates. So since I’ve missed the first 7 days, here’s AAALLLLLLLL seven of them in one post. Enjoy! Day 1: When and why you started… Continue Reading “Blog Hop: NaBloPoMo 1-7”