Day 11: Find a horse for sale you’d want

So, obviously I’m not writing this uber early in the morning before the show. But, I really liked this prompt, so I have it posted for Saturday. Tomorrow I will not post, but will hopefully be able to get show media sorted by Monday. But we’ll see. If not, you’ll get days 12 and 13 on Monday lol.

This April, I browsed a lot through the LOR facebook page looking at the horses they had for sale. This girl was my top pick, being half TB and half QH so she should have some athleticism in there. She looks a little interesting confirmation wise – I’d have to actually see her – but she is only 2 so it’s understandable. Her description looked good, too, but of course, I am not buying another horse anytime soon. I do think I’ll end up buying a young one to bring up through eventing again instead of a “seasoned” horse because this journey with Amber so far is super fun. Plus I really liked her name lol.

However, my absolute favorite of the auction lot was this girl. Three guesses why.

Oh, hey! She does look like Amber! haha But as a 4 sixes horse she went for more than I could spend. And obviously the bay filly was sold, too. Since I’m really not looking and content with Amber and I in eventing, I scoured dreamhorse for something I might like. And unfortunately, found one I did. If money was no option, this is the horse I’d buy – One Divine Dream (I even love the name!).

Dork face – check. I like it lol

He was on the first page, appendix, and while I’m not a fan of greys, looks pretty darn adorable. Turns out I really do want him lol Could I like win the lottery to buy him or something? I’d prefer a mare just because I love mares, but he’s only 4 and how adorable is his jump?! I mean, he’s going around that xc field so nonplussed about life. Also, kind of low maintenance and chill but with some go. I mean, that’s my kind of horse right there. You can tell he’s got some more oomph in him if you pushed, but he really looks like while he’s not super fast, he has a can-do, very forward attitude and wants to do it.

I mean look at how cute he is. He looks like he has good movement as well, and is probably a sweetheart. At least I hope so after how adorable he looks xc. With his airy jump. Heart pound. In love. Don’t tell Amber!

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