Day 30: Your future with horses (and rides!-ish)

Last one everyone! The future with horses.

I think it is absolutely safe to say that for as long as I can ride and have some type of money, horses are going to be a part of me. They are just a huge aspect of my life and I love them dearly, so I’m going to have a future with horses. Now what that future will be exactly I’m not sure. I have a feeling after Amber may not be able to event anymore that I’ll step away from eventing for a bit until perhaps I can nab another horse and then go for it again. Either way, Amber will be with me and I’ll do whatever she can do.

Although to be quite honest I probably won’t get a second horse for a while. Because little girl gets SO JEALOUS if I even touch another horse and she would get so mad at me when she’d be in a pasture by an arena and see me riding other horses. She’s so funny lol.

So there you have it. If I can even just afford lessons but not a horse when I’m 70, so be it lol. But for now, Amber and I will enjoy eventing, I’d love to start competing next year, and I can’t wait to go on the journey and see what the future will hold.

Big smiles!

As for Amber, we FINALLY had our official ride on Tuesday since her injection and the show. I feel like I haven’t been riding in FOREVER, and turns out I sort of haven’t lol. I counted back and we had our last official ride on the 12th so it’s been a good 2 and 1/2 weeks. And as I’m brushing her off I see this:

Another angle

Here’s the left knee for comparison.


I mean, REALLY mare.

Our hack Sunday hadn’t completely felt like her usual self, but still good even if we had a bit of a rough patch in there, but when I hopped on Tuesday, she really didn’t feel like herself. Just sort of….down. And what was she doing? Nothing. I know. Soooo descriptive. But really. Usually she’s bugging me a bit, nosing me as I pass her face or at least moving her feet a bit, and she was just…still. Plus, she liked her scratches, just didn’t seem as into it as before. I’d mashed on that bit on swelling pretty good beforehand, and she wasn’t off and she wasn’t touchy on it, so I still hopped on.

Dammit, her belly came back. Noooooo mare

She felt fine at the walk, but when I got to the trot she felt very flat. So I thought of a few things, like if she didn’t want to work, was not feeling well, or if it was the leg, went down to the walk and then trotted again. She was good, wanting to go into the contact so we cantered a teensy bit, and it was so crazy because I could feel her picking up that right hind. Never felt that before.

Oh look, we actually have a pic of me riding! lol

I had my mom come out to take a video, and once we trotted again, she was sort of all over the place. Both shoulders were falling, she wanted nothing to do with contact, and was quick stepping and felt a bit worried. Like she had when her hip was really hurting her. And before the stifle injection. Hmm.

The cutest of cutest faces ❤

So I let go of the reins and let her canter to the right a bit, then picked up the reins and I could feel her really trying to tuck her butt, and it felt much easier for her. So we walked, and yep she felt uncomfortable. I was happy the stifle injection seemed to work very well, but she was obviously in discomfort. So I walked a teensy bit more and hopped off. I was happy tho to see in the video that she was picking up that right hind nicely instead of dragging it a bit like she had before.

On a side note, that Lund bridle keeps looking better and better. Love it on her

So, what the hell did she do? Well, we think that she might have banged her leg somehow. Probably early Tuesday because the bump was warm to the touch, but just felt filled with edema. And I think if she’d injured soft tissue she’d have been a little more lame. So perhaps a muscle bruise? I dunno. So I iced her up.

Holy hell her #mareglare and #sideeye game were so good right then LOL

She was not amused lol.

She liked the addition of grain + bute tho lol.

So itchy apparently

I met up with a friend on Wednesday, so that shortened my ride time, but I decided to leave it and not ride. However, when I went out to see her she looked/felt much more herself. It’s so great to be able to be able to notice when she’s not herself. Wednesday she looked like she had her usual energy back up, that excited light to her eyes and was also uber excited to see me again. The bump was not hot at all, but a little harder this time, and she still seemed a might bit uncomfortable on it. So my rides are postponed AGAIN but like I said I’m not in a rush. Just PLEASE stop hurting yourself horse. I’d appreciate that.

I make no promises, ma

4 Comments on “Day 30: Your future with horses (and rides!-ish)

  1. Remus was off yesterday!! NEVER has he been sore or off since i got him. But off he was (My farrier came yesterday and said he has a bruise on his sole, and of course he got new shoes so I think he was just ouchy). HORSES!! LOL

    Amber sure looks cute even if she likes to get in trouble 🙂 hope she heals quickly!!


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