Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018

Reading everyone’s goals and ideas for the year (can’t use that dreaded “p” word! lol) has me really stoked. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s year turns out! I’m so excited for you all, and am glad I get to tag along for the journey.

I was originally planning to post this yesterday, but my horse must’ve heard the “p” word that I commented on Emily’s post. Because we had to  have the vet out AGAIN because her face swelled sometime mid-morning.

Not bad swelling, only a bit more than has been there in the past few weeks, but she was pretty sensitive. A different vet was still able to travel to our place to see her thankfully because Dr. W was unavailable, and she was great with Amber and seemed to really like her. Verdict is: the packing just came loose and it seemed as if she’d gotten a little food in there. A flush and new packing and she looked good. The only possible unfortunate thing is that perhaps the tooth behind the fractured one may need to be pulled. It too has a bit of degeneration, so a few of the vets are thinking that perhaps because she’s got more swelling that the other tooth is now infected. Ah….let’s hope that’s not it lol. At least the original tooth spot is healing well!

She wasn’t the happiest pony lol

Now that that’s done, we will get back on course with my goals/plans/suggestions-ish for the year haha. Since Amber decided she’d start off the new year with a bang, my suggestions have sort of changed. But not really cause I’m still sort of hoping lol.

Horse goals:

Figure out what’s going on with Amber. Now, this may be a slightly unachievable goal since I know that sometimes things happen with horses and we may never know what’s truly going on. But, I’d like to see and figure out what’s going on in her stifle, and we’ll peel the rest of the layers from there.

Get back to work riding. Yeah this is one of those “if the stars align and it’s only as bad as I’m hoping and not worse and her prognosis is super good” goals haha. For her sake and happiness, I’m desperately hoping it’s not my worst imaginings. For my sake, too let’s be honest lol. But I’d love to get back to riding her.

Why you do this to me, mother?!

Keep Amber healthy and happy and healing. At least healthy and healing I can really help out with – I’m just hoping I can also keep her brain happy as we play the waiting game.

Unfortunately, those are my only horsey goals for the year. In the meantime I can ride my mom’s horse and help Whisper and my mom get back to the showing scene. I’m very glad and lucky to have another wonderful horse to ride while Amber’s down for the count, and Whisper, though much different from Amber, is a lot of fun. She’s a more finished ride, but still allows me to train and play around with different fun things I couldn’t yet with Amber – like western riding and lead changes and trail. So you guys may be hearing more about Whisper in the near future!

You plan to ride WHO NOW?!

Personal goals:

I didn’t add these last year, and I’m slightly hesitant to add them this year, but I’m keeping them vague on purpose. As I mentioned before in a post, I don’t have as many other activities or responsibilities pulling my time, energy and brainpower away from the things that really need it, so already I feel a lot more relaxed.

Put even more/better energy into work. While yes, it’s vague, I’d always find myself needing to do so many other things that many times I’d be worried about all the after work things and not what I truly needed to get done at work. I have some great opportunities potentially coming my way, opportunities to move up, so I need to pull myself together and just do it.

To be a better/fitter person/rider: I definitely want to stay fit, but not at the expense of enjoying life. I have ideas of how I’ll stay fit and mixing things up a lot; I’m just not going to specify what since I’m not sure yet. I want to keep up with the 2 pt work I do when I can occasionally mosey around on Amber. Other than that, though, it’s whatever comes up. I hate running (and it really stresses my already weak knees and ankles) and I don’t like just hitting a gym for some weight training, so I’m going to keep it interesting for myself. Plus, food is amazing, and I’m not giving up carbs haha!

Funds permitting, have 2-3 jump lessons a month – or if funds not permitting, at least 1 a month: My vet bills will end up coming up fast. I definitely want at least 1 a month for sure – I know I could handle that. But 2-3 may be beyond my projected budget at the moment, so I’d rather give myself a bit of cushion now and then do more if I can later. Plus life, so yeah haha.

Spend more time with friends: I definitely have some great friends surrounding me – some horsey and some not, so I want to take most of the new free time I have to hang out with my sister and my other friends and really make my relationships count.

So there we go! That’s my plan as of right now for the year. Not much, but I think it’s definitely feasible for me to accomplish and also within reason of everything that’s been going on. I’m still excited for this new year, despite it being a bit up in the air.

Oh, wait I said the “p” word… Amber don’t listen!!

La la la la laa….

10 Comments on “Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018

  1. Oh no! The curse of the “p” word strikes again! Here’s hoping everything gets figured out quicker than you can even hope for.


  2. oh man, Amber girl, get it together!!! 😦

    seriously tho, seems like a pretty reasonable position to take going into a new year of unknowns while sorting out Amber’s various odd ailments. my fingers are seriously crossed that you start getting better news about it all and that things fall into place in a nice way to get back to thinking about other types of activities!


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