A few new happenings

I do usually do a weekend recap on Mondays, but when you basically do nothing on Friday, nothing on the weekend and then nothing also happens on Monday, I uh……don’t think anyone really wants to read that haha. But I did have something different happen this weekend, and this was it:

Cutey pie!

I rode Whisper! She’s been a little sore since she took off one of her special shoes because of the fireworks on new year’s, but I just wanted to have a ride and my mom wasn’t going to so I figured why not lol. She was her good, huge-trying usual self – I just focused a lot on purposeful walking with a sprinkling of jog and lope in there. She was great. And I consequently figured out that my mom does want me to show in February. Oh, well, I suppose that could be coming up soon and also means I have to prepare a bit more lol. I didn’t realize I was actually sort of stoked to not show until my mom was telling me all about preparing for it haha.

My typical before-ride shot

The nice thing is, we’re only going to the show for 1 day since Whisper is only doing western, and to start her off, we’re only doing a few classes. Because Whisper is an extremely nervous horse in new environments, dislikes showing and decides to internalize EVERYTHING it’s quite difficult to get to her brain when she’s in her funk. I think she just had bad showing experiences (with us included), and she’s not keen on it. So, it’s going to be low key, no big deal, and I think it’s the best way to approach showing with her anyway.

Tired pony is napping pony lol

Actually, that’s why I didn’t make any goals for me and Whisper for the year. Whisper is such a sensitive soul that I want to give her all the time she needs. The shows will be no pressure, and a good place to school and gently reintroduce her to the concept that showing isn’t bad. Plus, my biggest goal is to get Whisper calmer and accepting at shows, then to consequently help my mom ride her and show her. As far as blogging, then I’ll have content for you guys! Just be prepared for nothing exciting to happen in the videos lol.

Even though it’s only a week into January, I’ve been really enjoying my goal to live a little more and spend time with friends. I’m worried about Amber, but I’m also realizing that perhaps it’s the absolute best for the both of us to have this break. I no longer have any responsibilities to the local horse club this year besides getting hours/meetings in for year-end awards, and now that I’m not riding in the afternoons or consistently spending countless horsey hours on the weekends, I am really enjoying the free time. I spent a whole day with my sis – we had brunch, went shopping and then binge watched Galavant until super late at night. I haven’t done that in a long while, and my sister and I tend to get so busy that although we live in the same town, we hardly see each other.

Omg mahm let me sleeeeeeeeeeeep

I’ve also started up my next DIY projects – I’m finishing my lamp that’s Victorian-inspired to match my other lamp, I’m making myself some Harry Potter themed stirrup covers (let’s hope I can sew semi-embroidery okay and know enough about sewing machines to do it lol), finish my painting, and get back to a few other enjoyable pastimes that I haven’t had the time for much less the headspace. So I’m enjoying it.

Whisp got many loves and pats after her ride. I always love how you can tell just how much this horse loves my mom ❤

Don’t get me wrong now! I absolutely without a doubt miss riding Amber. Riding Whisper is nice but it’s not the same. I like riding my horse, the one with all of my buttons, that sometimes I really don’t have to think when I’m riding her. We just….ride. It’s pretty much torture to have to wait before we can figure out her stifle, but so far she’s remaining healthy, and the turnout time has seemed to improve her happiness exponentially as well. She is often found at some point napping flat out. Healing is just slow, unfortunately lol.

Healing is also best done napping flat out. Took this picture from my bedroom window lol

Other than that it’s been nice here! We are actually getting rain today; can you believe it?! It really has yet to go below 60* during the day (we’ve maybe had 2 days that were like 55?), so it’s high time for cooler weather. Not that I’m complaining! It can absolutely stay above 60 haha. It’s been super mild this winter.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated tho on Amber’s progress and any rides on Whisper. I’ll get an introduction to Whisper together for you guys as well as some more products for more product reviews!

10 Comments on “A few new happenings

  1. New to your blog. I hope Amber’s stifle issues are resolved! Isn’t it great to see them flat out napping? When I see my horses doing that, I think aww having a good sleep :)…okay now move something so I know you are alive! lol


  2. aw Whisper has such a sweet face! glad you get to spend some quality saddle time with her, even if it’s not the same as with Amber!


  3. It’s true isn’t it. we sometimes forget the rest of the world and just spend so much time riding, with our horses, or waiting to ride. I love that you realise you need company too and especially with your sister. I’ve been spending time with my sister lately too and I love it. After all, we grew up together 🙂
    Looking forward to watching the year ahead and good luck mate
    mel x


    • Yes it’s very easy for me to get very caught up with my horse and kind of forget the outside world haha. So I’m always glad for sister time and good sister talks lol thanks – same for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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