Just another day

Yesterday was a great day to go riding – and ride we did! Our arena looks like it’s up to heavier rains, so while many places were still damp, the arena got a great and much needed all-around sprinkling. Monday and Tuesday we had a lot of rain, but the most came on Tuesday. Thankfully the majority of rain wasn’t of the flash flood sort, but we still got about an inch and a half which is a lot for us.

Thursday was my usual short work day, so my mom and I headed out to ride. We got Whisper ready first and I had a quick ride on her. We focused once again on reaffirming the basics, which she was much better, and then played around at the jog and canter. She’s lost some tone since she had to be on stall rest for a few months while we figured out the special shoes for her front feet, but she’s always a trier and was no different yesterday.

Why are we taking pictures? I do not think I like this picture-taking

I’ll need to work on a few more things with her before I decide to show, and I want to play around with some things as well, but we’re getting her back into work again so it’ll just take a bit more time. My mom hopped on her after I did and rode her around some more.

One of the very few pictures I got with Whisper’s ears up. She is absolutely not a ham like miss Amber haha

Then I got Amber out! She was reluctant at first, though now I’m pretty sure her protest that time before was because she thought the bit was coming, because since I’ve been using the halter, she’s been totally fine. We started slow, but as we kept walking, I could tell she was getting happier by the second. Her walk once again was purposeful, and her ears were pricked. I asked her to trot a little bit, and she seemed unsure at first, but as we trotted I could feel her relax. Poor thing has missed being ridden so much. We walked after only half a turn, and she was a little sore in her walk after. So we paused, then did a bit more walking.

See? Posing. She literally stood there and posed for me for a few minutes lol Also, check out the no-work hay belly

My mom took Whisper around the block – a perfect time to leave us in the arena since we’re pretty sure that she fractured her tooth because she had a temper tantrum in her stall. She called and called for Whisper, we walked a little fast, but ultimately, she was fine as I knew she’d be and hopefully this taught her to not throw tantrums in her stall. It’s already banged up enough as it is – as is she.

So happy to be out!

Poor thing is just a ball of hurt right now I think lol. We actually have another appointment for Amber on Tuesday since the swelling is back and she’s not eating like her usual self. I think she got the pack out and perhaps has more food stuck in there because she’s salivating a lot and chews strangely sometimes. Safe to say that while she’s not eating her hay as well, she’s eating money very well haha.

Adding bedding pellets to your stall is a perfect time to revisit sacking out. She’s obviously very distressed.

Other than that it’s been quiet. And now, on to a 3 day weekend!

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