Google famous

So I’m not going to go into the full background story of how all this came about because it’s very long winded, so I’m just going to start at the part where I google-mapped the old house I rented in FoCo and was Amber’s first home when she officially became my horse. I noticed from the satellite images that it looked as if the new owners had (finally) done some updates to the old place (I couldn’t see remnants of 2 of the old sheds) so I figured I’d go down to street view and see.

Such an awesome property to have horses on; despite having serious insulation problems causing winter to be extra freezing, I loved spending the majority of my college years in that house.

And…..strange it looked as if one of the trees was back. Huh. So I moved to the side of the house (it was next to a street) and noticed that dilapidated shed was still there when it didn’t appear to be before. Aaaaannndd that’s my old roommate’s OTTB in the front pasture. So I hurriedly moved to the back of the property and boom.

Look who it is! Way in the back. You may need to squint lol

Baby Amber! After she had to be separated from the OTTB but before her injury. How cool is that? I think it’s pretty neat, even though she’s not famous, it’s pretty cool to be on the streetview! Then, of course, that spawned me reminiscing about being in college, and it not looking any different than I remember (before my brain kicked in with a DUH, Mandy – streetview hasn’t updated in SIX YEARS so OF COURSE it’d look the same).

It’s funny what we remember and how much we actually can remember if we really put our brains to it. It was just a great blast from the past.

Fixer Upper

Amber has been doing okay although I haven’t been able to do anything really remotely horsey all week. It’s been a whirlwind of being suddenly busy. Amber had lost a shoe at some point, but the farrier came out pretty much 2 days later so she didn’t get a chance to ruin much. Thankfully it was her left front, the one that is pretty much like iron.

Late night walk. She was so happy to be out

I chatted with my farrier before he shod her (one of these days I’m just going to take the day off of work so I can be there because it’s so hard to convey things when on a phone), just sharing some of my concerns with her RF leg. I had noticed that her wear was going towards the outside of her foot – not down the center. Her tendon that had swelled never got better, and I saw that it seemed to be strained and went along with her growth pattern of inside hoof growing more than outside. I wanted to share what I saw and compare that with his thoughts. He’s always so observant, and really cares about the horses he does, and he mentioned that she was taking the weight off of something – probably the inside of her knee – so she’s shifting weight to the outside. Which of course got me thinking.

I’ve been keeping the lid on my panic but I do really worry that these things with Amber may only be manageable for none-to-light riding. But this one doesn’t have me worried as much. This time last year, Shoer D and I noticed Amber was wearing her RF differently than before. We waited a few shoeings before it just wasn’t getting better, and then around early June she got a trip to the vet for her knee to be injected and she wore her foot just as she had before. Put in that perspective, a lot of the idiosyncrasies I’ve been noticing with her can very logically be linked to her needing another knee injection. Which, the injection lasted about a year last time, and with my plan to stick her on adequan I think one will last another year so I’m cool with that.

Always so itchy and ready for scratches

Her abscess still has puss, but nowhere near as bad as before. There’s no smell, and I only go out once a day to clean off what has dried and to help a couple drain spots reopen. I am starting to think that the abscess won’t go away until her tooth pocket has completely healed, but here soon I’ll have a chat with Dr. W about steps forward with Miss Special. It’s fine. It’s all fine. I’ll just drown my stress woes into RW’s 15% off President’s Day sale.

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!

4 Comments on “Google famous

  1. aww that’s so cool about the google street view image! i feel your worry about the hoof wear and Amber’s knee tho. ugh Amber. c’mon girlfriend, we need you to feel better! hopefully the knee injection does the trick!


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