I am that person + Amber update

I discovered, when dropping Amber off at the vet Wednesday, that I have become THAT person.

Oh my goodness mom WHERE have you taken me?!

Let me explain. For most of my horsey life until a few years ago, whenever the horses stayed at the vet or were having something done, we used a disposable halter and never really brought anything else. No boots, no special food, no nothing. Also, I thought it was a bit stupid. Okay, so the horse is staying at the vet’s for a few days. Big deal. Why do these horse owners have to bring EVERYTHING for their horses that will be very well cared for?

Let’s go mom! – Amber before our little walkabout on Tuesday

I had felt pretty good when I’d show up, hand the horse over and leave and be an “easy customer.”

Haha. Ha ha. Ha.

The best view is between these ears ❤

I say this all in good fun at myself by the way lol. But I have become that person that I thought was silly. Not only did I bring Amber for the stay, but I brought her grain – complete with her joint medicine because I hope it’ll help through the surgery – I brought her fly mask, fly boots, fly sheet and neck cover and a healthy dose of not wanting to let go lol. Of course, all the ladies at the vet were just great about everything and bearing with my overbearing-ness lol. Yes, maybe I brought too much stuff – my vet jokingly told me that I brought the kitchen sink – but they understand how much we love our animals.

This was pretty cool with Equilab for that ride

I brought all of that tho because she will grind her teeth at the flies buzzing around her because they won’t leave her alone. If the sheet and boots help her to have an easier recovery, well then I wanted to help that. Necessary? Eh, probably not. Silly? Yeah probably. But as I said before, they all understand how much we love our horses, and it is totally great to be THAT person that cares about their animals and maybe brings a little bit too much rather than too little. Because we do care. These may not be 4* horses or Derby winners or futurity champions or the next WEG champions, but they’re the world to us small-time people who love our horses. So I fully embrace becoming THAT person lol.

We’re not very good at selfies because she thought the phone was edible lololol

Also, as a quick aside, where did spring go?! It went from rainy and 60 on Monday to freakin 103 on Wednesday. WTF Vegas. I’m not ready for it to be so hot yet.

As far as how Amber is doing? She’s just fine. The vet texted me (with a picture; they are awesome) that she was up and standing and doing well. Apparently she was also ridiculously hungry since she didn’t get fed in the morning lol. Even when I visited her she was all about that food. She was still a bit out of it when I came by, and sweetest of mares she walked up to me as I opened her stall door even though her legs were obviously hurting her. I just love this girl.

Yup. Never gets fed this one lol

She wasn’t into scratches at first so she was really in some pain, but after a few minutes she finally started to get into it. She was definitely in pain tho, and leaned into me when I held her head. She then proceeded to (very slowly so it was kind of funny) try to keep me away from the other mares around her – even one with a foal lol. Apparently I’m hers lol. Because then when I left she was fine haha. She still adored the babies tho, and has gotten used to the donkey that she was next to before. She’ll have to stay until at least Sunday, and poor Whisper keeps staring off into the distance waiting for Amber to show up. She really misses her.

One of the little babies there! He’s so precocious too lol

Unfortunately, the bone chip wasn’t removed from her knee. From what I can remember Dr W saying (and we’ll talk more on it this weekend) the chip was in the joint capsule or enclosed by the other bones of the joint or something and he would’ve torn up a lot more than if he just left it. Which, I kind of figured as much, but was still hoping it would come out. Oh well. Her stifle looked okay – some damaged cartilage in there, an old, very small meniscus tear (with no scar tissue thank goodness but I’m wondering if that’s what happened when she suddenly was lame March of last year), and just a bit of bone roughness. He cleaned it up, said other than that it looked pretty good, but still a bit concerned that the cartilage seemed soft. She seems to be a good candidate for IRAP (taking blood, spin down the plasma, insert plasma into joint and it helps inhibit inflammation), and I want to try that but we may wait a little bit before doing it.

More cute babies! This one full on peed right in the alfalfa, then went to eat it and acted all innocent like “omg is that MY pee that’s there? Hogwash” lolol silly filly!

While we don’t have solid news on future potential, I’m still relieved everything looked pretty good, we have a few steps forward now with more knowledge, and we’ll see how she responds to this surgery clean up. So glad that’s over!

13 Comments on “I am that person + Amber update

  1. Aw I think it’s totally normal to want to make sure our horses get the best of everything hahaha. Especially when they aren’t feeling their best. Keeping you both in my thoughts ❤


  2. THOSE BABIES I would be tempted to steal them 🙂 Glad Amber did okay and is recovering 🙂 And i would not expect anything less than you to NOT bring everything but the kitchen sink but that is okay:) HA HA

    103? OH JEEZ….its bad enough its supposed to be 90 tomorrow here then 65 on Sunday with Rain? Weather is still drunk:)


    • I am SO tempted to steal them. Especially this gorgeous black one from a huge, gorgeous WB mare….lol It helps that Amber likes him haha! Yes we bring everything they may or may not need lol.
      Yeah now it’s so hot. I don’t even think we really got a spring. The weather has been so weird. I am not excited about that lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha I took Charlie’s food to the hospital too when he had surgery. It just seemed easier to keep him on his normal diet…. anyway tho what a relief amber came through everything just fine, tho that’s disappointing they couldn’t remove the chip. Hopefully there’s more good news ahead!


    • Right? I lessened her grain tho so they weren’t like ‘the hell is this chic feeding her horse?!’ even tho she really doesn’t get much grain LOL There is good news! It’s for another post tho haha. I have to get all my thoughts in order lol.


  4. Makes total sense to take her stuff if you ask me, haha! So glad she’s recovering well and y’all can move forward, tho it’s definitely a bummer about the bone chip. Hopefully she won’t be bothered by it!


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