This sucks

For the past 2 years, I have managed to evade the Plague of sicknesses. It could also be because whenever sick people are at work I Clorox every single thing I’m going to touch. Well, I didn’t this time. I blame my coworker who came in on Thursday when he was sick. So now I have it. Yippee.

This is so awesome of course – said no one ever. Now I really can’t sleep, breathe or move my head. I should probably be staying home from work, but what can you do. I just need to rest as much as I can and take a crap ton of Nyquil and other meds. At least being sick helped me finish my middle painting. It’s actually going to go in my parent’s guest room, so that’s pretty cool.


Amber is bored, but okay. She’s been ouchie on her right hind and resting it more than usual, so of course I’m worried about her again. At least it’s only 2 more weeks until her check up so we can see how her sole is developing. Crossing my fingers!

Also, here’s a funny video of what Whisper does when she’s really hungry and I haven’t fed dinner yet. She looks a bit rabid LOL.

12 Comments on “This sucks

  1. sorry you are sick. UGH i have managed to not be sick for almost half a year at least if not longer. I hate being sick. I feel for you and hope you can snuggle with Choco and feel better soon. The best thing about working from home? NO GERMS (except my own HA)


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