Not-so-informative update

I definitely miss time spent with my pony. I’m worried about her, and I want to get her out a bit and walk around on her bareback and continue assessing but I’ve been working long days so it’s definitely difficult. I am taking a few days off since I have an eventer friend visiting Vegas and I wanted to spend time with her so I have a promising 4 day weekend haha. Thankfully, that means I was able to get Amber an appointment on Thursday.

Hopefully all will go well but with the NFR here now the vets are definitely taxed with the influx of horses so I was grateful I could schedule a visit so soon! I was also able to schedule a lesson for Thursday, so hopefully I can drag Amber along to that and then we’ll just be extremely early to the vet appointment haha. But that way I only make 1 trip up north since a trip to the vet or G is 40+ minutes and then hauling a trailer makes that longer. But, the lesson also may need to be cancelled because winds are supposed to be 40+ mph and nobody wants to ride in that so the winds may deter my lesson again. But hopefully I’ll still be able to have one this weekend.

Can’t wait to do this again!

Media will probably (and unfortunately) be scarce for the lesson, but I’m excited to jump again! If I do get to drag Amber along she will probably be very upset about the fact that I’m riding a different horse that’s not her but she’ll live haha.

I’m super nervous but crossing my fingers for a good verdict! It’s been a rollercoaster past few months that’s for sure!

Rolling is this horse’s specialty

4 Comments on “Not-so-informative update

  1. oh man those winds sound intense, i hope they’re not as bad as forecast tho so that you can still get your lesson! that would be funny too if amber’s vet trip coincides with the lesson lol, i imagine she’d be mighty confused! hopefully she gets good news from the vet too


  2. Hope you get to have your lesson and figure out something with Amber vet appt!! Fingers crossed she is back on the mend soon! Those winds sound horrible. we have had wind the last few days and omg with the cold it hurts to breathe!!


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