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Introducing jumps

So I want to start off with a muck rake advertisement: it’s not just for mucking. Amber nickers at me now when I’m finishing up mucking poop because she desperately wants her scratches. You know, because I don’t ever curry her any other day… Continue Reading “Introducing jumps”

A little sore

Yesterday felt a little cooler than normal. So I tacked up the pony and got out to ride close to sunset. She felt a little lazy in the beginning, just meandering at her walk and trot. Then when I asked her to pick up… Continue Reading “A little sore”

Media blast

So be prepared for lots of media. It wasn’t a busy weekend but I got lots of photos. I was also able to mess around with the GIF function on my phone camera and got some good snippets. Friday I didn’t ride, but Saturday… Continue Reading “Media blast”


Amber was phenomenal yesterday. We had quite a long ride – longer than I was expecting, but Amber was wonderful. I put my spurs back on, hoping she’d be confident enough from the past few days that she wouldn’t be worried once I stuck… Continue Reading “Surprises”

Moving up

Since Amber did absolutely super on Friday with the single pole, I decided to switch things up yesterday. I moved around the few poles that we had and made a “course” of sorts to start to give Amber a little more of a challenge.… Continue Reading “Moving up”


Friday was another excellent ride, and thankfully my mom was again willing to take some pictures. It was the second time we’ve done the pole exercise, and I think it’s starting to look very promising. She’s very smart about her feet, and I love… Continue Reading “Promising”