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Scratching the brain

So far, Amber has been doing well. Feeling good, walking very nicely. But I noticed Wednesday that she seems to be shortening her hind legs again. Not by much – mere inches – but I have been watching her like a hawk since that… Continue Reading “Scratching the brain”

Back to western

Our last two rides have been western fun and games. Oddly enough, though, after I put 2 boots on her and then her western saddle, she seemed to look back at me like “oh so we’re NOT doing fun things today? Greeeeaaaaatttt.” But, she… Continue Reading “Back to western”

Back at it

Amber got her feet trimmed! And they look so pretty. The clouds came over shortly after work, so I got all dressed and ready to go….aaaaaaand the wind started. Which in turn brought the rain. But thankfully, it didn’t last long (boy has it… Continue Reading “Back at it”

Showin’ up

Yesterday morning’s ride was really good. It wasn’t really much different from Tuesday or Wednesday with the exception that Amber was absolutely ready to go. Literally. She walked away from her food as soon as I got her grooming bucket out and waited for… Continue Reading “Showin’ up”