Release the puppies

Thankfully, yesterday was a normal work day, so after I got off I headed straight to the barn. My plan was to go a little easy. I think in my enthusiasm the past few days I got a little…intense. I ride pretty quietly most of the time, but when I start planning and prepping for things I can be quite competitive, so many times I need to remind myself to chill.

Plus, since she seemed to be feeling better after the massage the previous night, I wanted to let her sore muscles stretch and regroup. So just trot pole work so we’re both not bored as hell trotting in circles.

And that did not end up happening. The wind suddenly picked up from out of nowhere, and if there’s one thing I hate more than the cold, it’s wind. Plus where we are the arena and round pen are pretty much completely surrounded by thick, overgrown pine trees. The horses hate not being able to see what’s going on, and I don’t blame them. So, all we did was lunge. Yay.

Her version of yoga

But I also realized that something is still bothering her. If you guys look closely you can spot that her right hind is short compared to the reach of her left hind. It’s not much, and she’s not lame or off just…short. So, I’m going to try to get a vet appointment for her soon. I don’t know if the vets here have areas to test lameness (because thankfully I haven’t needed a vet besides teeth floating in the 2 years I’ve been back) – perhaps I was just super spoiled by the vets and their pristine clinics in Texas. If not, I’ll probably wait until our property is done so they can get a really good look at her movement on a flat arena. I’d rather not wait that long, especially if she needs an injection, but what can you do sometimes? I’m hoping it’s just some super sore muscles, or perhaps a pulled hamstring, but it could very well be her hock. Thinking back on our rides, when asked to stop she does kick her hip to the left to avoid loading that right hind.

I can’t wait to get her to our place so she can have softer arena footing and a much softer stall. She loves to lay down but somehow all the shavings I put in her stall disappear within days. Now that we’re so close to moving, I really don’t want to put more in there.

I’m still marveling over the impromptu lead change we had on Monday. Thankfully I had witnesses (of both her miraculous lead change and the fact that she managed to shake her new bridle off TWICE). I mean, that was seriously one of the most butter smooth changes I’ve ever felt. Lead changes have never been a strong suit of mine. I have a small twist to my pelvis that makes cantering naturally easier on one side but much harder on the other. So try moving your hips the other way when it’s already twisted. I probably just end up straight. I digress.

I always knew she had those changes in her, I just have serious doubts about whether or not I can ever teach her to do it on cue because I haven’t ever taught one to lead change. They all knew how by the time I was tasked to work on them. It was a total fluke the other day because I wasn’t asking for it and it just…happened. And I KNOW if I try to start trying to play with it she will have no clue. And I really don’t blame her. So once we get to a flat arena I have some exercises I’ve mixed from various trainers to see how they go with her.

After that I rushed home to see my sister who brought over the most adorable pitbull puppies. My sister’s boyfriend’s pit is gorgeous and sweet as could be, and his first litter is now 5 weeks old! All of the pups are blue and adorable.

Daddy Max with baby Chyna White

Be prepared for an overload of puppy pictures, because who doesn’t love puppies?! The people buying Chyna White (pictured above) are planning on showing her! I can definitely see that. Her sis doesn’t have a name yet, so she was called Stripey and Pudgy. Guess which name won out? Yup. We called her Pudgy the whole time.



The puppies wanted to see the Doxie but Choco did not want to see them lol

When 5 week old pitbull puppies are as big as a Dachshund….

Such beautiful blue eyes! Pudgy was my favorite
More blue eyes and cuteness overload

Now, of course, the best for last. After they had a blast exploring and playing, they promptly passed out. Pudgy was out like a light.

Aren’t they adorable?! Total cuteness overload. Two litter mates – a male and a female – are still for sale! The puppies are papered UKC Purple Ribbon Pits. Apparently that’s about the best of the best for the kennel club. I am sadly unfamiliar with all that….stuff. But look at that sweetness!

Well, while my Memorial Day sale purchase from RW should be arriving today and I can’t wait, that’s not nearly as entertaining as puppies. What did you guys buy with Memorial Day sales?

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