Review: PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle

I’ve had the bridle approximately three weeks now, and thought it was time for a review. Even though it hasn’t been long enough yet to be confident in it’s durability, I have high expectations since I’ve had their breastplate for 8 months and it still looks new.

PS of Sweden has honestly become my new favorite company. Not only are their leather products exquisitely made, but their customer service is absolutely top notch. Plus, they ship to the US in two days. TWO DAYS. Always. That’s faster than many American companies that ship just within the nation.

After many back and forth emails with Liza, one of their customer service reps that had endless patience with my questions and apprehension for the bridle to fit just right, I bought the bridle with a fun weekend offer – 2 pairs of polos with the purchase of a bridle or browband. I also added to the purchase their Golden Delight browband, a throatlatch and their organic leather soap.

So nicely packaged!

They were very kind and threw in two extras that you see there – a noseband shining sponge and an embroidered towel. This was even AFTER I had messed up my order and forgotten to add the throatlatch! 110% customer service right there.

This is definitely the nicest packaged bridle I’ve ever received. You can see that they bubble wrapped the crown piece as well as the noseband even though it was already in a lovely bridle bag. I had a special order – there’s also an added pullback strap near the throatlatch. You know, because my horse has to be special. After Liza had emailed me their measurement system, it turned out that Amber is full-size for the head – crown piece and browband. However, she’s got the cob head in terms of length. And while her nose measured full, I was apprehensive about the width of the full-size noseband on her. Liza agreed after I’d sent her a picture of Amber’s face, and suggested the cob noseband but with an extra pullback strap in full to see which one I liked. Liza was super helpful.

Out of bag, the bridle was a dream.  You can see the quality of the leather even from the pictures, and it is definitely the best leather I’ve felt in a long time. The padding on the crown and noseband is nice and squishy for those princess horses. I am officially hooked. The noseband has a nice, contoured design, which I think helps it to look good on nearly any face type. Even though I won’t use the flash, I LOVE how the piece goes in between the noseband leather and the padding so it can be used with or without the flash. No annoying tab ftw. The flash has a very smooth metal stud that doesn’t stick up at all once the flash tab hooks back on itself, so it remains a very clean, polished look.

Noseband width in cob size

You can see here the difference in the pullback straps. At the time this picture was taken, I’d switched things around. The large pad belongs to the full pullback strap and small one to the cob. But in trying the bridle on Amber, the cob pad fit her better and left a sleeker profile, so I stuck the full strap on the cob pad. But you can see both straps have roller buckles and are beautiful quality with nary a stitch out of place.

Roller hardware on both sides of the noseband

The elastic “cradle” in the photo above is one of the features I was really eager to try. It helps to suspend the bit in the mouth so the weight of the bit isn’t pulling on the poll. I don’t think the cradle is dressage legal, but it’s a super cool feature. So far as I can tell, Amber has been even softer with the bit on this cradle. But, I’ll probably take it out when I show just in case someone objects.

I’ve cleaned the bridle about 3 or 4 times (I think I’m a little overprotective with keeping it clean) and applied Passier lederbalsam once. It has since gotten even softer, and I actually don’t leave it in the tack room. I take it home with me to keep in the climate control. I know. Overprotective.

This was taken the day it came in. You can see how well it fits her and how sleek it looks even though it’s new

The Golden Delight browband I bought as well is gorgeous. I can’t wait to use it. But since I am also overprotective about that, I haven’t used it but once, so I will be reviewing it when I’ve had an excuse to use it and show in it.

Honestly, I’ve tried to think of something that I don’t like, and I can’t. It is a beautifully crafted, innovative bridle, even down to the u-shape of the browband. It required virtually no break-in time, and it feels like sturdy, well-tanned leather. I’m already wondering if somewhere in the future I can need a new one. I just might have an addiction…..

But who wouldn’t?

So fancy

8 Comments on “Review: PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle

  1. It looks good on her!! I like that flash tab design a lot – my PS has just an extra loop of leather which suits my horses face well – but the stud design is a little cleaner in yours. Glad the customer experience was so positive too – esp in knowing they were so good about working with horses that don’t align to one fixed measurement.


    • Thanks so much Emma! And thanks for your help too when I was asking questions about your PS. Yeah they were absolutely awesome in working with me and my horse’s crazy measurements.


  2. Wow Amanda! We’re so happy to hear that you are pleased with your new bridle. It’s a very big boost for us at PS of Sweden to read such a great review about our products and service! We wish you the best of luck! And thank you!<3
    xoxo Liza Team PS


  3. LOVE this bridle! A firmed of mine bought one & I’d love to get one for my mare, but I’m concerned that the crown pieces not legal in US? It looks like it might be too wide?


    • I haven’t actually heard that the crown might be too wide for US. I don’t know if it helps but the Eventer Ludwig Svennerstal does the dressage phase in a PS of Sweden bridle. I also know of a blogger that showed the lower eventing levels in this bridle in the US so I’m pretty sure it’s okay! 😁


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