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Developing the little muscles and memory

Yesterday morning we rode western again. I’m a little protective of her at the moment because looking at the way she landed after that little mishap looks like she may have strained the front tendon on her left front. Of course, this is me… Continue Reading “Developing the little muscles and memory”

A little sore

Yesterday felt a little cooler than normal. So I tacked up the pony and got out to ride close to sunset. She felt a little lazy in the beginning, just meandering at her walk and trot. Then when I asked her to pick up… Continue Reading “A little sore”

Release the puppies

Thankfully, yesterday was a normal work day, so after I got off I headed straight to the barn. My plan was to go a little easy. I think in my enthusiasm the past few days I got a little…intense. I ride pretty¬†quietly most of… Continue Reading “Release the puppies”