Worse….yet not?

Well, over the weekend we got some bad news: the barn builders won’t be down until the 13th. Boo. Both me and my mom have grumped to the fullest. It was so much easier to wait when I knew they’d be there in just a few days, but sadly not so. Honestly, it was going to be the only thing that got me through the work week because I’ve got the long shift this week. At least I have today off….? Either way, I won’t have much horse time in the coming days so I’ll probably be catching up on reviews.

On Friday I called the vet and made an appointment for this morning. Something just still didn’t seem quite right about her. And if it turns out I was an overprotective mother and they can’t find anything wrong with her, then that’s fine. At least I’ll know what it isn’t. Sometimes that’s as much peace of mind as knowing what it is.

After another massage really working on the knots in her back and two days off with just walking, I wanted to give her at least a good 15-20 minute walk ride on Saturday to see if she was still off. Well, I pull her out, and promptly freeze because of THIS:

Just two random pockets of swelling. Oh, yippee. They felt hard, but thankfully not tender. I scratched her a bit and she curled her lip like any other time, so I wasn’t sure if they were itchy or what. One of my other friends thought it may be a spider bite, poor girl. Yay for already making the vet appointment I suppose, but still. Just give me a heart attack, Amber. But regardless, I thought our walk/jog ride would still probably help take the swelling down a bit (it did), so I tried out the ECP pad and composite stirrups I’d received from RW.

As much as I love my blue composite stirrups, I actually like the look of the all black. And I thought the pad looked really sleek and nice under the saddle. I removed the top straps as I have with all my other saddle pads since the saddle is a monoflap, but I think it looks great. It’s a little different to get used to, but I still really like it. Plus, Amber really seemed to like all three foam inserts and felt a lot more comfortable even though she was still a little short.

As for the stirrups, once I rode in them I could feel how secure my feet were. I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise because I also ride western and the stirrups are wider, but alas the lightbulb did not even flicker until I’d walked and jogged a bit with these stirrups. My feet still hurt by the end but I also need new paddock boots. The ones I have are probably 5 years old now? Maybe even older. But I felt so much more secure in those. I always like it when impulse purchases really work out. I’ll officially review both products once I’ve had them for longer.

Sunday I popped out to hand walk her and give her another massage. I should’ve stuck to hand walking. But I didn’t. I decided a bareback hack would be great. The rabbits rustling in the brush and leaves around the arena were especially monstrous today, so when another horse came near her, Amber noped the hell out of there. She hopped sideways quickly and I went the other way. At least she didn’t run away. She walked up to me after as if to say “I’m sooooo sorry, mom.” I hopped back on (after the appropriate amount of time on the ground) and asked the person to walk up behind her again. They did, major rustling occurred again, and she got super tense but her feet just about grew roots and she stopped. I hugged her and hopped off then. Not sure what happened that she was nice and relaxed in the beginning and then suddenly did weird stuff. Amber logic, maybe? She was good afterwards; kept putting her nose into my stomach as if to tell me she was sorry. She even willingly walked slowly as I gimped her back to her stall.

We keep our hacks classy

Afterwards, the fam and I watched Rogue One since we haven’t actually seen it yet, and it was a perfect opportunity to ice away. Pretty much that was the rest of my Sunday: limp, ice, limp, ice.

So today I’ll limp my way over to the vet. Well, at least the long shift at work will give me ample rest for the remainder of the week. The only issue with that is hopefully my hip is feeling okay enough to go to my private lesson Saturday. And even if it isn’t, I’ll still go and just be careful. I really hope this isn’t going to be a recurring theme when we start eventing….

Also everyone, if you haven’t liked Lund Saddlery on FB, you need to. Every month they have a giveaway. They have 3-point, 4-point and 5-point breastplates, snaffle, flash and figure 8 bridles, and laced, rubber and web grip reins. Every month, one of these items is given away. You just have to enter the draw list here and input your information. This month they’re giving away their 3 point breastplate AND the winner’s choice of Lund’s monocrown H/J bridles. I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic deal. Now, I usually never win anything. That’s just how it is for me. But I can try, right? Either way, don’t pass up a chance for more STUFF.

3 Comments on “Worse….yet not?

  1. Aw bummer about the bumps and whatnot. My mare had strange swellings on her side once but they went away after a couple days.


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