And the verdict is….

She was a champ for the trailer haul and walked around calmly until the vet saw us. He did various flex testing and a bit of lunging, and he confirmed that there really wasn’t anything obvious that he could see externally. We all laughed when I mentioned I might be that overprotective horse mother and nothing really is wrong. She had maybe one teensy ouchie step when he flexed her right hind, but took her in for some x-rays. She didn’t even need any happy juice to take the x-rays. Doc and I agreed on x-raying her knee – just in case. And it proved to be the problem child.

There was a bit of degeneration it seemed in her knee; a small area that was potentially losing cartilage. It would explain her tripping as well as her periodic, partial ouchie-ness the past few months. And it’s funky to look at the x-ray and know she didn’t even flex badly when he tested her knee. Again, maybe a slight strange step, but nothing that was screaming at us, you know?


I agreed that an injection would probably be the best thing at the moment. I had come fully prepared that a hock or knee might need an injection. She did smash that knee pretty good, and she hasn’t gotten anything except Adequan (and for the past 2 years it’s been every few months). So, I was fully prepared for her to potentially need something. It just makes a little more sense that it’s her knee. Thankfully, her hock looked just fine.

She trailered back just fine – even stuck her nose through the window bars like she usually does. Despite just getting the injection she looked happy and very willing to put that leg first. Sometimes I’ve noticed she’d rather step over a pole or something with her left front first. So fingers crossed that it helps!

Doc also gave us the green light for Saturday. Said the cavaletti would be a really good test to see if it’s starting to help her. And I completely agree. I know it may not fully kick in for another week or so, but I’m perfectly okay with that. I’ve got some hefty work days so that’ll give it a great chance to really work into her leg and do its thang.

I’m relieved, too – many of the horses that I’ve seen injected were much happier and more relaxed after they’d been injected. I’m hoping it’ll last her a long while; I’ll probably put her on Adequan again or try Legend. I have to do a bit of research first.

What about you guys? Have any of you tried both Adequan and Legend? Which one do you like better? And why?

6 Comments on “And the verdict is….

  1. glad you got it figured out! answers beat most other alternatives! i’m curious if your vet had thoughts on injecting just one vs both knees. some vets i’ve talked to prefer to do both hocks, for example, as they’ll say that doing one can sometimes make the other a little worse… but that’s based on exactly zero research or scientific understanding on my part haha – just what i’ve heard.

    re: im supplements, i’ve heard good things about both adequan and legend, but also about pentosan as a more affordable alternative. previcox (in pill form) was used with great success for some of our more middle aged or older lesson horses at my last barn too.


    • That is a good question. I didn’t even ask him about looking at left knee to see if it has sustained some degeneration because maybe it’s taking more weight for the right one? That’s a really good thought. I have seen most vets inject both hocks vs only doing one. But my experience with hock injections has only been with reiners, and generally if one hock needs it, the other does, too.
      I haven’t heard of Pentosan! Thank you for informing me; I will do research on it as well as previcox. Thanks, Emma!


  2. I have used all three and only saw noticeable changes with Legend. It is, of course, the most expensive. I would be careful with Pentosan, as I know some horses have had a bad reaction to it.

    Platinum Perfomance CJ would be something else to check out.

    I just found your blog – very nice!


    • Ah, thanks for your insight, Meghan. Especially about the Pentosan! I will make sure to do lots of research with that. You know, I’ve actually compared the PP CJ to the Smartpaks I have her on, and her Smartpaks have higher glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane mg than the CJ. But thanks for the suggestion! And thank you 🙂


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