The 4th and things

July 4th was not as bad as I was anticipating. Since Amber was weird Monday I just hopped on her bareback for a nice hack with my mom. Her walk felt okay but I could hear and feel that her hind feet were short or a little off. I did jog a little, and she felt relatively okay to the right, but still not quite to the left. Thankfully, the vet had gotten back to me by that time, so we settled on an acupuncture/laser therapy session Friday evening. I’m really crossing my fingers that she’ll feel better. She’s hypersensitive in her hip area, but if her hip is finally not twisted I’m not surprised. I think acupuncture will absolutely help her muscles relax and reset.

We so wild

Since I had the day off we puttered around the place doing cleaning and fix-up. Fireworks started in earnest around 8. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, and since we have a police officer that lives right across the street, only the little fireworks were allowed which I must admit is nice. Warehouses across the tracks invite people to come set off the large fireworks. My mom and I gave our horses some Quietex, but for the most part, I think Amber would’ve been okay without it.

The yawn is strong with this one

The giant fireworks going over her head with giant booms? No problem. She just flicked an ear and watched. The ones across the street though – those were going to eat her. She never got bad, and the families did fireworks for about 30 minutes, and if I stayed and provided scratches, the fireworks didn’t even make a blip on her radar.


Overall it was one of the best 4ths I’ve had – except when it wasn’t. Somebody come over on to the empty lots to shoot fireworks, and it’s all brush, dry and prime for fires. Our barn is metal, but the hay and the horses are flammable. Thankfully, they only had about 3 and were done very quickly. Then someone also somehow got one of my credit card numbers and decided to purchase nearly $200 worth of things with my money. And the company wasn’t open on federal holidays. Sweet. It is all sorted though, so that’s good.

I did receive my Teddy’s Tack Trunk box yesterday so immediately after work I suited up and gave Amber a bath. She was not enthused, but I am really really hoping that this will help with her obsessive itching. It’s gotten worse this summer since we put sand in the back of her stall, but I’m hoping this shampoo will help with that until I can get more shavings and dirt back there.

Hardcore mare glare LOL

Now it’s a waiting game. Hopefully Friday evening’s appointment will render better results! Also, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – I’ve got some good stuff for you guys!

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