Stuff for sale!

So I haven’t gotten all my shit together that I want to sell yet, because I have to organize all my non-horse things first, but there are a few things that I absolutely know for certain that I want to sell (and are within reach). I’m not the best with “what is a good deal for used items” so I’ll stick a price out there, and if you want to negotiate, please feel free to email me! Buyer would also pay shipping, and preferably Paypal. Without further ado, here they are!

Ovation Aqua-X knee patch silicone breeches – Blue/Aegean blue size 30

They’ve been worn probably 15-20 times, haven’t stretched with wash or wear, and just have two very-difficult-to-see spots where I accidentally splattered hooflex on them. Don’t ask me how I managed to do it. I’ll send you pictures of the spots if you’d like. I want to keep them, but I’m more of a 31 than a 30, so they’re up for sale. $75

Kerrits Flow Rise knee patch tights – Dune/ Medium

I really like these, but again, I’m in between sizes. Worn about 15-20 times, a little bit of pilling around the ankles. $45

Thinline jumper boots set of 4 – black/medium

I bought these used, and have hardly used them. The fronts are too big on Amber. $70

SmartPak Harwich fancy stitched hunt bridle with long (~62″) reins – SOLD!

Ovation QH plain raised padded bridle (no reins) – Full

The bridle is breed specific, but it just didn’t fit Amber’s cow horse head very well. It’s a nice bridle in a lovely rich chocolate and been used about 20-25 times. It’s been conditioned and oiled; the only flaw is that I snipped off one of the keepers for the noseband because I was thinking of having a leather maker look at it. $65

Browbands with Bling padded browband – Full/royal with gold crystals

I love this browband but I just don’t use it anymore. It’s super fun though, custom made and very good quality. (It also goes well with the bridle above) $50

Total Saddle Fit dressage girth – brown/ 30″

Don’t need this one anymore, though it’s still in like-new condition. $85

Western “starter package” – 1 saddle, 3 bridles, and 1 bit

This is really just in case any of you know someone looking for a western saddle. It’s my mom’s but I figured it was worth a shot to put it up here. Saddle is California poppy tooling, semi-quarter horse bars (which is basically the Western equivalent of a medium to medium wide tree in English). It has a 15 1/2″ seat and is luxuriously padded – stirrups are padded as well to aid in foot comfort. Was used very lightly for a year. 3 bridles are added – all plain but good for showing. Bit is a twisted wire western D snaffle. Padded saddle cover included. $1000

That’s it for now. I’ll need to go through all my other things but this is what I have in front of me at the moment. Again, let me know in the comments or via email if you want anything! I’ve also never really done this before, so forgive me if I’m verifying things 5 times or whatnot lol. I’ll try to do it as fast as possible as well as cheap as possible.

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