Going from witty (and let’s admit it – corny) QH names like Gunnatrashya, Gunnamoonya, Copenreygun, Americasnextgunmodel, Big Chex to Cash, Chic N Wimp or even the QH racehorse Red Hot Filly Pepper to looking at the names of horses in these eventing competitions has been almost like “they’re name was what now?” with lots of confusion. And these horses have even more complicated names – at least to my English eyes. I couldn’t say Biosthetique for the longest time. Had no clue. Some of the French horse names were also like big question marks going off in my brain. It’s been a miracle I can watch ERM and a few others and listen to them pronounce it and then finally have a clue.

QH example of using parental names along with the farm name: “Beans Paddy Lena” approx. 7 months old. SO FUZZY AND SQUISHY

So, what about the every day things that are even in English that get a weird pronunciation? I am guilty of that. Once my brain sees the word and says it one way, I cannot get it out of my head.

For example – the brand HorZe at That Z messes with my brain. I literally say it in my head like “whores”. And I know it’s because of the Z. Yet no matter how hard I try, I seriously cannot get my brain to think of it as horse. Probably because there’s a as well that’s totally different from I feel like one day I’ll say “I bought a pair of breeches from whores” and people will give me the side-eye haha!

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Not sure how “English” language Pikeur is, but I’ve wanted to say it like Parkour. I just…. I don’t get my brain sometimes. The first part doesn’t even have an R in it and yet…. The struggle is real.

There’s also Irideon. This one isn’t really too complicated but I never know if it’s actually I-ride-on or ir-rid-eon. I mostly say it like the second one, but still unsure what exactly it’s supposed to be. It all just seems to escape me most of the time.

Another one is Romfh Apparel. Every time I see it my brain either goes Romphfff or ROTFLOL. Which, like…what?  I don’t know how I get that. Seriously. Most of the time I just laugh at myself.

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The last one I’ll say goes back to La Biosthetique Sam FBW – and I always think “Oh it’s Sam FTW!” Which, he really does win quite a bit but still, the way your brain works is a very interesting thing. Just shake your head and go with it.

What about you guys? What horse names or tack/apparel brands cause you guys to mispronounce it or think of something else? Or even what are some of the best horse names that you’ve heard? I’d love to know!

4 Comments on “Pronunciation

  1. yeah QH names are either brilliant or horrible (Remus’ registered QH name is..wait for it….Bert Chis Jet. Seriously?? How do you get a cute buckskin foal and saddle it with that name?? LOL…And he was called JET as a baby…nothing less Jet like than my horse…)

    as to pronunciation I have the same issues i see letters where they aren’t etc. HA And HorZe does the same thing to me 🙂 LOLLOL

    I think i wouldnt be able to buy a horse with a complicated name cause i would never be able to pronounce it!..

    and I also ALWAYS see FTW instead of FBW 🙂 HA…so funny!!.


  2. lol i like when brittish commentators talk about Kurt Martin’s Delux Z, since they call him ‘Delux Zed”


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