Sunset rides

Since most of my work days start at 6 am, I usually have to wait until the evening to ride. But as the sun is hitting it’s weakest around 6:30-ish pm, it’s getting to be the perfect time to ride.

One of my all time fav shots

Amber looked better yesterday. Even still, I gave her some more bute in her grain and then headed out for a nice evening ride. We rocked the western gear this time, but I figured that since the saddle has a bigger tree it helps to disperse pressure, and she understands that western is “slower” and I just wanted her to be nice and relaxed.

And she was. She stopped to look at a few things, but I tried to keep her on the road this time since it was the only very flat area without rocks. It was only fifteen minutes but I think it really helped her relax, and it was something different again. She basically walked like this the whole way, I hosed her legs and put her up. I’ll give her some more bute today, but just go a bit easy. Thankfully though, it looks like it’s just sore muscles – her legs remain strong and heat free!

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