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Flat prep

Tuesday I had limited time to ride between getting home late from work and then dusk being upon us very quickly. But we made it out there as fast as we could while still taking enough time for stretches. I of course had to… Continue Reading “Flat prep”

Food and mini ditches

I wasn’t sure what else to name this post. It’s mostly about Amber’s desire for food and the mini ditch we found. Pretty simple. After getting off work at 5 I hurried out to grab a nice hack. I spent some time stretching her… Continue Reading “Food and mini ditches”

Sunset rides

Since most of my work days start at 6 am, I usually have to wait until the evening to ride. But as the sun is hitting it’s weakest around 6:30-ish pm, it’s getting to be the perfect time to ride. Amber looked better yesterday.… Continue Reading “Sunset rides”