A little sore

Yesterday felt a little cooler than normal. So I tacked up the pony and got out to ride close to sunset.

She felt a little lazy in the beginning, just meandering at her walk and trot. Then when I asked her to pick up her trot, she did and we had some pretty nice trot work. I had rearranged the poles earlier, thinking of doing circles and trying to start the habit of counting strides and rating our pace. It worked most of the time, and had a few that weren’t quite “in stride” but over all it felt okay. She reached for one, and I made sure to praise her for it and she slowed right down to a nice canter.

Snoozing, but looking ready

Then, she tripped. She tripped a front leg and a back, and I let her walk to see if she felt okay. She did for a bit, so we cantered a bit more. Then she was suddenly really stiff and hoppy. It was getting dusk, which she was petrified of at the other place due to the birds fluttering around madly in the trees, so I thought perhaps that was it. We rode for a bit longer, but after I got off I had my mom walk her for me so I could watch, and even though she’d felt fine for the beginning of the ride, I could definitely tell that she wasn’t quite right. She was just a little stiff in her shoulders and she wasn’t as swinging as she usually is in her back and hind end.

So I did a quick palpation test and sure enough she was sore – more over her left hip than right this time. But really, I swear mare. I like that for the most part she seems pretty indestructible, but damn I wish she’d overreact about things that bother her. She’s so stoic about that stuff that many times I don’t know where to start when she feels “weird”. Because it is just “weird”. Only 2 times has she ever been truly off where there is no doubt you can see it and know where the problem is.

It’s okay, ma. My cuteness makes up for it

However, I’m sure the majority of her soreness was from her save on Sunday. That and two days of pole work in a row were probably too much for her right now. Poor sweetie. This is all new for her, so she’s bound to have some sore muscles. I’ll probably go back to keeping the jump/pole work once a week, or at least a few rides apart with some nice long walks in between until we start getting fitter. Here’s our little mishap since I haven’t gotten it fixed yet on the other post:

So I gave her two grams of bute – which I am ecstatic that she ate because usually she gives me this look like “how dare you attempt to sneak that icky-ness into my food mother”. But she slurped it up and even licked the pan clean. Pretty sure she got all of it! I also stuck some liniment on her legs and while she doesn’t mind it on the front legs, she was not a fan of the hind legs.

But hopefully she’s feeling better today! I’ll check everything over and probably just go for a nice long walk off property – probably stick closer to the road so her footing is more even. If nothing else, more bute today and icing.


One Comment on “A little sore

  1. Aw poor girl! Hopefully she feels right as rain soon! Charlie is sorta sore right now too tho I’m attributing it to mostly building new muscles and learning how to do new stuff. Or maybe he’s budding some rain rot lol. Who knows!


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