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Amber and I are hard at work. She’s doing phenomenally, being a Super Good Girl. Her jog, being more solid before our transition to more English this summer is good but….worse in a way haha. Not that she’s not uphill. She is. She’s just… Continue Reading “Practicing”

Ye olde Friday

This week has been…..definitely the weirdest in a while. Remember when I said I had a great week at work but horrible riding? And then I’ve had awesome riding weeks and work was the absolute opposite? This week was like…..a jumble of that. Horrible… Continue Reading “Ye olde Friday”

Off kilter

Wednesday was a really odd day. Thankfully, Amber is doing just fine and is looking great, although unfortunately not any thinner. So thankfully while there is nothing wrong with Amber, I’ve been feeling off kilter for most of the week. I’ve been getting pounding… Continue Reading “Off kilter”

Flat prep

Tuesday I had limited time to ride between getting home late from work and then dusk being upon us very quickly. But we made it out there as fast as we could while still taking enough time for stretches. I of course had to… Continue Reading “Flat prep”