Safe and sound

I am okay. I wasn’t at the concert. But I know many aren’t okay. I was going to do a weekend recap this morning, but with how hectic it’s been – how many people I know that have been checking in to let us know they’re safe as well as people asking me if I’m okay – I haven’t been able to formulate many words. I barely heard reports last night, shortly before going to bed, but only this morning know how bad it was. It’s been…..surreal.

Walking into work this morning made it a lot more real. Everyone’s here at our little office, with a checklist, making sure we’re all safe whether we verify by email or we show up for work. We’re checking people off when we know they’re okay. It’s been pretty crazy here, all. Please keep Las Vegas in your thoughts.

8 Comments on “Safe and sound

  1. omg i can’t even imagine being in the near vicinity of it all. Hugs to you and all who you know who may be affected by it. I can’t even. UGH. I am glad you are okay. I actually thought about delaying my post today but since i had it written i didnt. It sucks. I hate the world honestly. I didnt know til this a.m. and was like wait what? How many??

    Looking forward to reading your recap when you post it! Hugs again!


  2. I watched it on the news here in Australia and my heart sank. When will all of this violence stop!

    Im not sure what the motive was, maybe it was mental health, I don’t know. I’ve had a mental illness and I never hurt anyone I’m not sure what would possess someone to do this! Why hurt other people?

    Sending you thoughts from down under. I’m so sorry you are so close. Take care of yourself and your loved ones

    Mel x


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