Day 10: How your friends/family feel about riding

I’m very lucky that my mom has a horse of her own and is just as horse crazy as myself. After many, many years of jumping and hunters, she’s quieted down and enjoys the slow gaited, slow minded brain of Whisper. It is amusing because we seem to have switched disciplines. She did English forever and is now doing western, and I used to do western for a long while and now do English. I also have the more western looking horse lol. But she understands my horse crazy, and we talk for hours about horses.

The rest of my family isn’t into horses much. My dad not at all – he prefers airplanes (although he really does like Amber). One of my sisters is allergic to horses, but her daughter (the one that came to visit) seems to adore horses. She (my niece Kaylee) carries around her MLP Luna I got her while she was here all the time apparently. And of course, though horses are not my sisters favorite animal (she likes them like oh they’re cute and that’s it lol), I know she’d never deny her daughter should she want to ride. My other sister is on the fence. She may or may not have a horse and went pretty far riding but quit in her teens. None of my extended family is into horses either – just me and my mom.

My mom and I when Amber was only a teeny 3 yr old

Most of the friends I have are not horsey at all. I have a few horsey ones, but since moving barns I haven’t been able to talk to them much. My other friends though try to understand I can tell, but most of it goes over their heads. So I keep it simple, and don’t talk about horses much. I talk about Amber to them generally if we’re talking about pets and how they’re amusing, but as far as real horsey stuff I don’t talk about because you really have to be into horses to understand it lol. I’ve tried a few times and poor people are just like “uhhhh I am trying to understand but I reeeeaaaaallllyyyy don’t” lol.

My mom is the only one that really understands eventing, though my best friend is coming close. She loves horses and wants to know a lot about them but doesn’t ride and I don’t foresee her doing so. But I explained eventing to her and she thinks it’s super cool but also very scary lol. But she and my mom are the only ones worried about me with eventing. They’ve been gracious enough to let me ramble lol.

Class pack trip with horsey friends – photo credit Carey Seefeld

I have one friend at the moment that events – she has her own OTTB war horse, and though we can’t talk often, we share horse pics and messages. She unfortunately lives in Washington, so we can’t see each other much at all, but it’s really nice to be able to share eventing fun with her. And of course, you bloggers that do eventing and are kind enough to read my posts and comments. A great community!

Yesterday evening I was finally done dogsitting. Not that I didn’t love taking care of those pups. They were great and snuggly and I love them both.

Because seriously how adorable are the dachshund and pitbull?!

But it is nice to finally be home again and relax. In show news, it’s tomorrow! We’re going to do some more practicing today, and I’m going to come up with a game plan for both days. It’ll be an early morning, but here we go!

2 Comments on “Day 10: How your friends/family feel about riding

  1. ha yea blogging has definitely been my outlet for talking about horses to my heart’s content when friends and family in real life don’t necessarily understand or care to hear like…. ALL of it lol. tho oddly beginning to blog also coincided with being a little more serious and purposeful with my goals and actions, which itself led to connecting with more like minded friends in my own area.


  2. Good luck for tomorrow mate 🦄👍😃
    And yeah not everyone is horse crazy, and certainly not my family but my sister always loved the pics and is behind me 100% so I can’t ask for more than that

    Mel x


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