Day 9: injuries that occurred from riding

This one’s going to be a doozy! So remember how I said I didn’t have many falls as a kid and that I got my comeuppance? Here you get to read all about it!

Most people I’ve met have had their falls as a young kid. I got mine later in life – I was lucky enough to stay on a kid. So, I’ve sustained quite a few. My worst fall was off of a huge 3 yr old QH stallion. The girl working with him had become afraid of him, and essentially taught him how to get away from people. I knew I was not capable of handling him, but was pressured by those above me to ride because I knew more than the girl. Not the case, everyone. If your gut is telling you no, you should listen lol. Anyway, I hadn’t even gotten my leg over his back before he locked his jaw and took off bucking. I immediately came off – landed on a rock on my left side and cracked 3 ribs, his hoof smacked my shin so I have a nice bump there, and since I landed on my back my head whipped back (yay whiplash) and my head smacked on the 1 inch of my ponytail because stupid me wasn’t wearing a helmet. I’m still amazed I didn’t get a concussion from that. So, helmet up, guys.

I’ve been bucked off and hit the dirt so hard I actually have a bit of surface nerve damage. If I scratch one place I feel it elsewhere or I just feel this weird sensation on the numb spot. I got bucked off and the horse stepped on my ankle and it now has a bit of weird growth on it, but so far does not seem adversely affected. I got run over by a horse I was trying to stop so I have a weird smooth patch on my lower left leg. I got bucked off of a very very quirky stallion that caused a knot to form in my neck that I still can’t get rid of. The most colorful injury was getting cowkicked in the leg. I still have a weird-looking lump-slice in my thigh from that. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to affect my leg’s general musculature. Sure looks weird though!

Gnarly. The white spot is actually where the hoof hit my leg

I’ve come off Amber only twice – both times bareback funnily enough – but so far no lasting injuries. My left hip is occasionally sore, but nothing major lol. Thankfully, none of these falls – while they definitely could’ve been worse – have seemed to really adversely affect me. I’ve healed well from them, and physical therapy has helped fix the rest.

So, some bad injuries, but they’re all okay!

4 Comments on “Day 9: injuries that occurred from riding

  1. been cowkicked like that before. I worked with a race barn during summer in college and we went to catch yearlings and i got slammed by one and promptly sat down and waiting (Holding onto two yearlings) until someone came looking for me LOL I should have gotten a photo of it but dont think my bruises were as bad as yours. OUCH OUCH OUCH on all your stuff.

    Oh and there was the time my sister threw me up BAREBACK on a greenbroke 3 year old. YEAH FLYING i went (No helmet either). JEEZ we are either idiots or gluttons or both 🙂 HA!


  2. ugh getting bucked off is the absolute worst 😦 glad nothing seems to have had overly negative lasting effects even if there’s still physical evidence of the injury! my worst actual physical injury was actually not even from the horse itself – just horse adjacent: eating shit stepping out of my trailer and breakin my damn leg lol


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