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My Ultimate Breeches Guide

I have…..many breeches so this post will be quite long. I’ve never liked buying form-fitting pants – I have always preferred loose fitting, casual clothes and I hated jeans for the longest time. Mostly it has to do with me being a very hard… Continue Reading “My Ultimate Breeches Guide”

All I want for Christmas

As we make the drive to Reno for Thanksgiving, I thought I might as well write this lovely post. There’s really only 4 horsey things I want to get for Christmas (usually it’s like 10 things so I’m doing good this year lol) – that doesn’t… Continue Reading “All I want for Christmas”

A little too sticky

Amber and I had a pretty good ride yesterday morning. It was only half an hour but I’m pretty sure the first fifteen minutes was the both of us just waking up. We were not all there brain wise. Alas, it was just too… Continue Reading “A little too sticky”

Let the fun begin

The rains really hit today, but thankfully it wasn’t so torrential like it was on Monday. A light drizzle most of the morning with some heavier rainfall every now and then. But the most important thing was that it was only 83 degrees by… Continue Reading “Let the fun begin”

Breech central

So I received about 3 pairs of breeches all around the same time. I really needed another summer breech so I grabbed another Ovation Aqua X – this time in navy. I was also looking at some schooling breeches for dressage – you know,… Continue Reading “Breech central”

Stuff for sale!

So I haven’t gotten all my shit together that I want to sell yet, because I have to organize all my non-horse things first, but there are a few things that I absolutely know for certain that I want to sell (and are within reach).… Continue Reading “Stuff for sale!”

Review: Smartpak Piper breeches

Ah, the Smartpak Piper breeches. I have heard that people either love them or hate them. I’m going to be one of those rare sort-of-in-between people. They’re not my absolute love, but they’re pretty damn close. In all actuality, I don’t have a pair… Continue Reading “Review: Smartpak Piper breeches”