Weekend Recap and NaBloPoMo

There’s really not too much to recap in horsey terms. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving was good, especially with my little niece. There was great food, good company and we had an all around good time.

Mmmm, smoked turkey!
Lots more good food
Walking to the park
Helping Auntie Mandy with her horse game lol

What was especially precious was that after sitting on my lap watching me play my horsey game (and interacting as well as Kaylee understood how to press the space bar to make the horse jump) with such intensity Friday morning, when I opened my computer to transfer music for my drive Saturday, Kaylee immediately trotted over to me and said “up peas!”. My sister and brother-in-law laughed quite a bit. Kaylee knew that when Auntie Mandy opened her computer, she had the horsey game! Just so precious lol.

Me trying to help her push the space bar. She giggled so much when the horse jumped LOL

Sunday morning Amber and I went for a nice hack, which wasn’t as nice as I’d planned lol. She got extremely herd bound to the point where she kept looking back for Whisper, jigging, and at one point getting worked up enough to hump her back. No feet even lifted off the ground, but it was to a point where if she hasn’t been out in a while, she can get like this. It was never as bad as it had been Sunday, so I just hopped off and we did a little groundwork there. She worked herself up pretty well before she settled, and while it wasn’t more than five minutes, her worrying got her working up a sweat.

Lots of sweat lol she’s also fat again LOL

I was lucky enough to find a bucket out in the nothingness to step on so I could hop back on, but while she was definitely not as explosive, she was absolutely really pulling towards home. So whenever she trotted I did a semi one-rein stop, just to get her bending and then circling around bushes and everything and only when she calmed down did we walk straight again. She got that message really fast, and walked fast but no more jigging. She FINALLY let out this big whinny, and when another horse answered she snorted back, and then was totally fine. Silly, silly girl. We jumped the ditch, and sauntered home. Not our best hack, but all in all still a good ride. Even though she got out over Thanksgiving and my other sister rode her for me, I know she was happy to be back under saddle, and I was happy to be on her.

A pic my sister took while horsesitting. So good!

Day 26: Your biggest riding pet peeve

Hmm. I have a few. I guess one of my biggest ones is warm up arena etiquette. Like people watch where you’re going! I’ve almost been run into dozens of times because people suddenly looked up and OMG there was a horse in their way! Also, be observant in the warm up arena. Trust me, it pays off.

But probably my biggest riding pet peeve would be trainers shouting to their students in the warm up ring at a show. Stuff like “make them go slower; pull back with your reins” or “reprimand the horse harshly in here but not in the show arena; we don’t want the judges to see that” or “what are you doing?! we practiced this at home!” or “don’t let up for a second; just make them keep trotting until they get all that energy out” and the horse will be in around 5-6 classes. The students don’t actually know how to ride, merely how to take instruction. Although honestly, who am I to actually judge? But I dunno, I think you can see those that know how to ride and are constantly working on things, or those that don’t. But, those types of things that trainers shout are probably my top peeves.

Choco FINALLY fell asleep on the drive home

Day 27: You know you’re an equestrian when….

  1. Every single article of clothing you own someday makes it out to the barn, whether you’d planned on it or not
  2. You find an old, horsey teen magazine, look at the “how to be a proper horse owner” list, and realize you own a horse, but BREAK ALL THE RULES that they have
  3. Your barn clothes are so good they can double as your “fashion” clothes (with the “equestrian” style being “fashionable” now, I don’t know how many times people have told me they love my leggings, which are in fact kneepatch tights LOL)
  4. You don’t care about anything from horses – they snot on you, no problem. You’ve handled them sweaty and gross and still eat with your fingers before washing your hands. What you do care about are people germs (unless that’s just me haha)
  5. Apart from work, OF COURSE everything you do is centered around your pony

I really thought a lot about these, and maybe they’re not TOO original, I think they’re mostly lol. I did think it so funny though because for #2 I really did find an old magazine, Young Rider, that I used to subscribe to and just loved, and I found that horse owner list, and I answered all the choices and legitimately got that I should not own a horse yet LOL. I worked around them in flip flops, I didn’t always wear a helmet (at the time), and quite a few others I can’t quite remember, but I just remember I got ALL of the questions wrong haha.

Amber is sticking her tongue out at my shenanigans lol

It was definitely a good laugh, tho. And really, who needs leggings when you have super warm breeches/tights that can also be leggings? lol

2 Comments on “Weekend Recap and NaBloPoMo

  1. awww haha but if trainers don’t shout across the warm up ring at their students, how will they be heard??? when i did hunters during college, the shouting didn’t stop with the warm up either — trainers would continue to provide verbal instruction even during the classes 😉 tho yea… now that i basically show alone it’s kinda nice to not have to keep one ear open for trainer and another ear on my horse


    • Yes that so annoys me that trainers keep shouting during classes. I’m so glad eventing doesn’t allow that lol Yeah I like that I only worry about me and my horse at shows now lol


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