NaBloPoMo days 22-25

Day 22 – The importance of riding in your life

Riding is definitely the most important thing in my life. I have always felt a lot more at ease with animals than people, but I have always been drawn to horses. The little moments are the ones I love – grooming, groundwork, spending time with the horses, loving on them. But even as much as I love the little moments and just being around horses, I feel a huge need to ride. There’s just something about hopping on a horse that is soothing to the soul for me. Be it bareback or with tack I feel the best when I’m with horses.

I love their beauty, their grace, their giving spirits, their try and their bravery, and I always feel at peace with horses. I found this quote a bit ago from Buck Branaman, and it really articulates the way I feel about horses.

Horses don’t think the same way as humans. Some things that are most unique about the horse, that I love, is not what he possesses, but what he doesn’t possess. And that is greed, spite, hate jealousy, envy and prejudice. The horse doesn’t possess any of those things.

That just about sums it up lol. Horses are what I love most about life, and I’m so glad I have my special one.

Day 23: Critique a famous/well known equestrian jumping round

So…….I am just going to say: they look great. I can’t do that at all, sooooooo…..yeah lol.

Day 24: Your best riding friend

I would have to say that so far, my best riding friend is my mom. I have had many riding friends, and still do that I used to ride with from my previous barns, including great friends Kayley and her husband and Tatia and Susan – all that I had a blast riding with weekends and some weekdays all last year. But throughout all of the years, my mom has always been there on pretty much every lesson, every show of mine and has been super supportive. In turn, I’ve helped her at shows and been her support as well. I’ve been able to share everything horsey with her, and it’s been great to always be able to have someone to talk to about that.

Day 25: Your dream trailer

My dream trailer would definitely be on the new list – as in a new trailer. But what I think would would be a super cool dream trailer would be a 3-4 horse reverse load trailer with living quarters. I like the idea of the reverse load perhaps helping horses with balance versus the traditional slant loads. I also like the fact that with a reverse load allows for a huge tack room in the back, so it doesn’t take away room from the living quarters. I’d ideally like 13ft LQ or larger because hey we’re dreaming here lol.

Like this cool-looking live-in reverse load

6 Comments on “NaBloPoMo days 22-25

  1. I also love what the horse doesn’t possess. I love that he is honest and they live in the moment. They are truly your partner when you treat them with respect. I love that they are who they are, and they aren’t worried about the things that do not matter. They teach us a lot about ourselves i think
    Mel x

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  2. That’s an enormous trailer! I would like that one if it came with a pro driver because I’m sure I’d get it stuck the first time I attempted to drive it!


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