The no-prep weekend

I remembered today that I was actually supposed to use last weekend as a prep for Whisper but uhh….I completely forgot that there’s a horse show this coming weekend lol. But I’ll make sure to ride these next few days, and even with a 10 hr shift on Friday, we won’t be showing Saturday – a perfect opportunity to drive down to the show grounds, let her see the sights again and get in a ride as the final prep for Sunday.

Such a cutie pie ❤

So instead of preparing this weekend, we toodled. Amber and I played around, my mom rode, and then Amber got a bath. She was not enthused.

But she was clean!

Her tail is getting so long, though; I love it. I also can’t wait to get video/pictures of Whisper with her mane and tail just gorgeous….I’m excited.

Little miss poser is back! I swear she knows and is such a ham lol

Superbowl was a great surprise with the Eagles’ win, but we really didn’t do much. My mom did make us her artichoke and crab dip (which is HEAVEN OMG) and then we could make up nachos with as much cheese as we wanted with salsa, black beans and avocados because superbowl is really about food and commercials.

Legit one of her favorite ways to sleep lol

It’s been hot here. Like in the seventies. I know, I’m so sorry for all of you guys in the cold, but I’m really just amazed that it actually has been so warm. We’re usually in the low 50s for the day and mid 30s at night, but this has been a surprisingly mild winter. Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely not complaining; I wish I could send some of our warm weather to you guys!

Cause it was warm enough for a bath w/out hot water

Amber’s abscess FINALLY looks on the mend! She had her last dose of antibiotics over the weekend and I seriously can’t wait. I’m just hoping all her hair grows back! It looks….weird lol. But so far so good!

13 Comments on “The no-prep weekend

  1. lol i hate it when shows sneak up on me like that! i’m sure you and Whisper will be great, and can’t wait to see pics of her all cleaned up too!


  2. My stomach started growling as soon as I read “artichoke and crab dip” Ummmm that sounds amazing. Have a great time at the horse show! Lots of pictures, please!


  3. First things first… Artichoke and Crab dip!!! Wow mate, that sounds awesome!!!!
    Good luck for the weekend mate
    Mel x


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