Cheers to the weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

The yawn attempt with the hackamore didn’t really pan out 😂

I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend. I am not really doing anything superbowl-ish. I mostly watch for the commercials and root for the underdog, so in this case the Eagles. But hopefully it’ll be horsey-filled! What is everyone up to? Are you planning to go to/host a superbowl party or is football something that you are indifferent towards? If you aren’t doing anything superbowl-related, what are you doing instead?

Amber doesn’t care about football either lol

13 Comments on “Cheers to the weekend

  1. hope you’re having a good weekend! it’s been pretty great here mostly – tho i had to get up pretty early today to beat the weather for a ride. that’s cool tho. i’ll just spend the evening watchin the game. hoping only for it to be entertaining, even tho i don’t really care about either team.


  2. is that a bitless bridle mate!!!!!!
    If so, I’m thinking of getting one for my boy freddy
    Mel x


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