Thoughtful Thursday: Preparing to show

Just as a HUGE note before anyone gets too far in this – this is a video on preparing to show your horse for Reining.

With that out of the way, it’s still just a super cool, fantastic video about what a trainer does to get his horse ready for the show pen. This video was a clinic put on at a show in Arizona (I believe) with reining trainer Andrea Fappani. There are a few concepts that I’ve taken and used when I was still working with reining horses, and it really is fascinating (to me at least lol) to get into the head of a trainer and hear what he expects and how he corrects the behavior he doesn’t want. Personally, I don’t think it matters whether you ride jumpers or trail ride – the information is just really cool to see some of the facets of training for reining. Re-watching it again really makes me miss reining. It IS an exciting sport!

Be prepared – the video is an hour and a half long. Not sure if anyone is wanting to tune in to the video that long, but the riding/teaching really starts more around 5:30 to 6 minutes. Even 4 years after initially watching it, I STILL go back and watch it lol. So if you’re interested, please have fun watching! Plus, that Arabian stallion is TO DIE FOR. SO PRETTY. Also, I’m totally running out of content to post haha!


One Comment on “Thoughtful Thursday: Preparing to show

  1. My dad used to show in reining and it’s a pretty cool discipline. Every single time I’ve ridden in a western saddle as an adult I’ve fallen off, so definitely not for me!

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