Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been pretty silent this week, but busy + not much to say = no posts haha. Amber and I continue to chug away at our walking and stretching and she’s looking promising again so I hope our vet appointment can coincide with her looking good instead of bad again haha. I’ve been hand walking her a lot due to the fact that I can get her to walk just that little bit faster with a lot less pressure or push than if I were riding. Plus, it gets me out and walking too and it’s a good way for me to see how she’s stepping. I’ve been having her walk over the uneven footing more, and power up and down a few more inclines every few days or so. I think it’s helping, but we’ll see.


The other day though I took her to an area near a house with the miniest ditch possible, just to step over it as something “different” to do and it may as well have been the Mariana Trench for Amber haha! It was seriously maybe 6 inches wide at most and 6 inches deep. The funny thing is she actually started out walking over it. Aaaaaand miscalculated where she put her foot so it slipped a bit. Well then the only other way was to LEAP SO DRAMATICALLY over the little thing. I probably shouldn’t have laughed, but I was about dying because she was also trying to leap on 3 legs. So we walked back and forth until she paid attention to where her feet were and walked over the thing. By the end we were walking over the smallest part possible which was still about 6 inches wide but 2 inches deep. I was just shaking my head laughing at her. The video above was taken the next day, after I’d determined that we’d walk over it again – calmly this time. She did but not without some snorts lol. I know she also desperately wants to run and play, and probably has quite a bit of energy which is why she was leaping the previous day. I can’t wait to see her happily run and play and buck once she’s really healing.

I hope everyone has a horsey-filled weekend!

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