Catching Up

I’ve certainly been lagging in blogging. I get halfway through before something else comes up, or I’m working on other things, and it falls by the wayside. There’s just not much for me to really say even, especially since it’s been god-awful hot and I don’t want to ride, and Amber has actually been ridiculously sluggish as well, so she doesn’t even want to ride either. So it’s been a slew of hiding in the air conditioning lol. I wanted to ride last weekend, but both Saturday and Sunday were already 105 at 8 am, so it was a hard no for that. It won’t go below 110 until next Monday, and looks like next weekend will be a cool 106 and 104. It’s really unfortunate when 106 and 104 actually feel cool once it’s been over 110 for a while. Ick.

Tuesday it reached 119, with some clouds coming in and upping the humidity to 17% while still being 117 as I was doing chores for the evening. I seriously wonder if this is how chickens or turkeys feel when we put them in the oven. Either that or I’m just melting. It’s just gross. Wednesday was 118, Thursday was 114, and it’s generally still 100 degrees when I go out for a barn check at 10 pm.


Amber’s been doing well, too. After discussing with my vet, Adequan seemed a good way to go to keep Amber more comfortable. Her knee has been bothering her more often than not for the past few months, and both of us thought that adding Adequan would help her a lot. So far it has! Before, if she got a little too happy and ran and bucked and had fun, that knee would swell, and I’d have to wait a few days for it to feel better before doing much more than fifteen minutes of walking and trotting. Within a week tho, the swelling was down, and even after a happy episode of running and bucking, her knee only had the teensiest bit of swelling. So she gets another injection this Saturday, and then once a month until it runs out.

Pony mare thought it was too hot, and she was too tired to ride while I adjusted some ground poles LOL

I have a lesson this weekend, so that will be a plus to everything I’ve got going on. Between my grandma’s sudden passing, and my mom getting diagnosed with cancer, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind these past few months, so I’m glad for the lesson. I’ll be “taking over the ride” on Whisper for my mom, keep her fit and add to her training to get her just right for when my mom can ride again. I am also hoping to get lessons more regularly, since horses are my happy place, and I’ll need to ride more than I currently am. Whisper and Amber are short, easy rides, and I’ll get the challenge when I lesson. Hopefully that works out and I can put that plan into motion a little better than I have in the past.

Always such a beggar ❤

I’ll try to at least keep posting on Instagram since I (still) won’t be blogging much, buuuuuuuut I haven’t been doing that much either lately haha. So I’ll try to be a little more active there, but I’ll still at least be following and commenting where I can!

Until next time!

10 Comments on “Catching Up

  1. aw i’m sorry to hear about your grandmom, and your mom’s diagnosis. wishing you all the best (and hopefully some cooler weather soon too!). enjoy the lesson — hopefully it’s a fun and enjoyable retreat 😉

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  2. I will echo Emma’s comments about your Grandmother and Mother. That is a lot to process and cope with all at once. I also hope that the weather turns in your favor and that you can have some enjoyable rides very soon.

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