Hello Again

I looked back at when at last posted and that was at the end of August. So it’s been a while!

Cutest old doxie face ❤

Between helping my mom after her treatments, nearly tearing the ligament/tendon in my ankle, more school, and everything else going on, I haven’t been doing anything horsey. Because my ankle was so bad, I couldn’t ride (I did borrow a scooter for work and that thing was sooooooo much fun), or do anything remotely fun for around 7 weeks, so there was really nothing to post about. I have spent tons of dachshund time tho so I have tons of pictures for that.

Lots of doxie time! Like sitting outside on a lovely day, doing homework with her happy next to me!

I haven’t bought anything new for the ponies that’s worth a review – well, except for my early Black Friday present to myself: a Pivo! The silver was on a GREAT sale ($70 off), and I found it on Amazon with the same discount (and sold by Pivo themselves) so it got to me the next day.

You can bet I definitely made sure it was selling from Pivo!

I know I’m not doing anything at the moment or only doing flatwork, but with Amber on Adequan and Whisper potentially needing Adequan or another round of hock injections, my mom and I have two potentially problematic horses. I get very nervous for Amber if I’m working her too hard or if she feels off, and because most days my mom and I can’t ride at the same time, we’re by ourselves and it’s hard to see if our horses are off or not. Judging via shadow isn’t the most reliable, either. So, while the Pivo will be great for media should I start posting a lot more (and, well, riding a lot more), I mostly want it to assess my rides to make sure both Amber and Whisper continue to look positive under saddle.

It’s lovely!

I’ve only played with the Pivo a little bit since I got it, but I’m really excited so far. It tracks just like it should so far, but I have yet to really dig into its features and start trying to record anything horsey. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it a bit more in the coming months considering the holidays generally offer more days off than usual.

Despite being ridiculously dusty (as you can see on her rump) somehow she’s also ridiculously shiny at the moment lol

I was actually able to ride Amber twice this weekend! I’ve barely been able to fit my ankle into any type of shoe except my Uggs, and it was still a chore fitting it into my brown boots with the brace. I was only able to do a little bit of trotting – let’s be honest with all that time off that’s all I wanted Amber to do too lol – before I had to call it quits before I reinjured anything. I mean, I’d already reinjured it 4 weeks after the initial injury, so I really don’t want to have to use crutches or a scooter again lol.

Happy chestnut mare ❤

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