Well, the vet was originally supposed to come out and do acupuncture and laser therapy Friday evening, but she accidentally forgot. Wonderfully, though, she still popped over and gave Amber a few more adjustments – which she needed. Her twisted hip needed to be tweaked some more. Amber was less sure of the appointment this time, but I could tell she was still feeling better.

I also got some breeches in the mail finally. I’d ordered a super cute pair from Horze and wanted to try some full seat breeches. These came really well packaged, and of course, Choco had to check them to make sure there was nothing wrong with them.

Dis food?!

They fit well through my hips and waist, but still feel a little odd in the legs so I’m going to wear them around the house some more before I decide what to do with them.

Saturday morning Amber was definitely feeling better. She did something she hadn’t done (and I hadn’t realized she hadn’t done until that moment) in a very long time – her right shoulder was falling to the inside. That side has always been her tougher side, so usually I’ve tried to keep her straight. But I basically dropped the reins and let her body do whatever it wanted. I was just happy she was feeling good enough and straight enough and not hurting to where one of her old problems came back. She felt pretty fluid. Her canter was much tougher, but I think it was because she’s been unable to feel comfortable in it for a long time. I actually got a few really good strides both directions with her lifting her back so we cut there.

Older pic but no less accurate

Her icky fungus spots look so much better even after just one Teddy’s Tack Trunk Treatment. Or the 4 t’s. She’s also a lot less itchy since I’ve used TTT’s Leave it be shampoo, but it could also be because I’ve given her two baths and have gotten tons of shedding hair off of her. However, the flaky spots have gone away with one wash, so I’m betting it’s working.

Sunday was an awesome day. I gave her a quick bareback hack – just a lot of walking since I was a little worried I’d maybe pushed her too hard Saturday. But she seemed to walk very freely, and I had my mom video her at a jog. Many times if she’s looking a little off you can tell when she’s slow jogging. Maybe two or so steps she was short, and the rest she looked super. Both of her legs looked even and hitting the ground at the same time. So while we won’t be really getting into things this week, I think it’ll be good to just get her out every day, and saddle or no saddle we hack around and get her muscles moving and retraining them. I’m so relieved we’re finally get a handle on why she isn’t feeling so good.

Sunday was also awesome because a good friend of mine came over for a Harry Potter marathon. It was quite a lot of this between us

and also just a lot of chilling out and enjoying the movies. We only managed to get through 5 because we got a late start, but we’d also watch A Very Potter Musical so….that absolutely counts too.

All in all, a super chill weekend.

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