Hacking is awesome

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, except IT RAINED. In Vegas. I know. We were all shocked. And it ALSO got below 100 degrees at 3 pm. Which is unheard of, really. But it allowed my mom and I to ride on a beautifully watered arena in the evening, and it was perfect.

Amber was wonderful as well. She came out walking with purpose and feeling great. She still had trouble with lateral steps to the left, but it’s expected and she was still the best girl ever. She’s always super careful when we’re bareback; she flicks an ear back at me like “are you SURE you wanna lope ma?” It’s pretty adorable. Even though she did a baby “whee! I is excited!” and switched leads so nicely…. Now all I have to figure out is how to teach that to her….. But I am so excited that she’s relaxing into the new arena and is feeling better!

Tubby and tired lol

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